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  1. 7are8

    [Rejected] Co-owner request

    Nick:scOrpiOn Age:19 AMX Experience(years):7 years Time when you can be online:at night What other things you want to do as co-owner?:help the server to reach to the top as i can Do you have grade in other servers: i am elder in highlifezm and i will leave
  2. ¤ Your Nickname:scOrpiOn ¤ Reported Admin Nickname:bently ¤ Date and Time:now ¤ Reason of complain:slap admin 3 times ¤ Proof (Snapshot or Demo):
  3. He buy sniper more than 4 times ril and i slay him becaues it is rule and i rold him in previous server that it last time and dont buy sniper ,in the next server he buy it again , and purple saw this and no manneger was present so i slay him
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