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Despre mindfuck.

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    I am a very good person and I don't like to be lied to especially by my loved ones..🤍
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    Psychiatric Hospital

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  1. Simțeai nevoia sa vezi cine e mind[CENSORED].. Într-adevăr.. 


    Love me like you doooooo:**

  2. You'll lose many people along the way.
    Some slowly, without realizing it.
    One less phone call,
    a forgotten message.
    Others by your own choice or not.
    Some, however, will remain with you.
    All it takes is a forgotten photo between a book,
    a song on the radio and there you
    you will remember. You will smile.
    Maybe you will wonder how they are
    facing their battles.
    If they're happy.
    And maybe you'll be moved
    how you have faced the battles
    battles together.
    You'll post the picture,
    turn off the radio
    and go about your day again
    trying to shake off
    that feeling of
    having lost with them,
    at least a little bit of you.💫

  3. To a great mind, nothing is little. ✨

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