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    1. Hey mate, in which Section, can i apply for Challenges 1v1 or 3v3 at Counter-Strike? If there is no section tell me 😛 

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      2. XmasHavana


        Yakomos? i want to ask you? There is a Server for this compitions? 

        And There is an Award?

      3. YaKoMoS


        There's no competitions at the moment, but u can play 2vs2 or 1vs1 / 5vs5 ,

        here's the project's LINK , you'll find other games and the CS SERVERS .

      4. XmasHavana
    2. XmasHavana

      admin ?

    3. XmasHavana

      Request Admin

      For me Because this is not admin section!
    4. *Numele real: Andrei *Nick: BlackSoul.<3 *Varsta: 18ani *Cate ore ai? (Link Gametracker): Sorry Im new, And Im Banned. *Poti fi activ pe TeamSpeak3? Yes i can 24/24 ; *Ai citit regulamentul? Da *Poti ajuta serverul cu o donatie/gtrs?: I Can't, Because Im From Algeria! *Ai votat serverul? : Yes of Course! *Link porfil facebook: PE PM *Crezi ca poti detine un grad?: Helper-Slot-Moderator
    5. ¤ Name[/nickname]: Andrei/BlackSoul.<3 ¤ Age: 18ani ¤ Country: Algeria ¤ Occupation: - ¤ A short description about you: Im a Tall boy, i really want to be from Staff But i dont know. ¤ How did you found out Csblackdevil Community: In GTRS. ¤ Favorite games: COD/COC/COR/CS/CS;GO/GTA5/NFSW
    6. Your NICK: R4RES SOS. Your IP: Your STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:552315642 The reason you have been banned: I Dont Know, This steam Was of My friend Rares now, he gived it to me The admin who banned you: Gunter like The Picture. The time: Since 1Week or 1Month Your proofs (screenshot Or Demo): ATTENTION : If This Gunter Want my Wargods Im here and Plus of That, Im Steam ON and 500FPS SO, If Isnt Clear, Contact me On FB to Take The Wg or in Ts3. https://ww



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