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    1. i apologize about everything i do for you .i wont do it again. but please leave me alone and unban me in newlife
    2. Your nick: YOUSEFD Your ip: Your STEAMID: 366599785 The reason you have been banned: i dont know. i was playing and he banned me suddenly The admin who banned you: f1x!k The time: 2:25 today Your proofs (screenshot Or Demo): i have problem in uploading screnshots but i did a copy to the console ***************************** Ban Informations: [*] Banned by admin: f1x!k [*] Banned permanently [*] Banned on: [*] Ban reason is: good bye xD ***************************** The server operator has added
    3. ¤ Nickname: YOUSEFD ¤ Your ip Click here to know your IP: ¤ The reason of ban: idk ¤ Admin who banned you: idk
    4. ¤ Nickname: YOUSEFD ¤ Grade: nothing ¤ New Tag: LeGenDs Never Die ¤ Link of Hours Played GT link:
    5. it is better to make the period of the round 4.5 min like all servers
    6. i¤ Your name: YOUSEFD ¤ Name of admin: f!xik ¤ Date and time: 31/12/2020 at 1 :40 pm  ¤ Reason of complaint: i bought sniper and all players was zm including him . he bought ak 47 idk how and penetrate the wall and killed me .i was about to take screenshot of console. but the game closed . idk if he sent some files to the game or what but i asked him why did you do that he said idk ¤ Proof (screenshot or demo): gabi papi ,eliaz,no sound,goku were present
    7. YOUSEFD12

      [T/C]report admin

      if you have proof that i bought it last map . upload it
    8. ¤ Your name: YOUSEFD ¤ Name of admin: jaegarn ¤ Date and time: 31/12/2020 at from 11-12 pm  ¤ Reason of complaint: he slayed me when i was sniper . and said you bought it last map fristly- i didnt opend the server last map secondly we are in crismas and it is allowed to buy sniper every map many admins were present and they see what happened ( pop corn,elinaz,gokux,khaled)
    9. YOUSEFD12


      we want to 1-decrease the range of bomb this is everything......
    10. Model Nickname : YOUSEFD Age : 18 Your Tag : LeGenDs Never Die Link Of Your Hours (10h) In GameTracker :



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