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    1. Nice First Photo xD 


    2. -ALphA-


      * Your nickname: Al<ph>A * Your rank on server (slot, VIP or admin) : owner * The tag you want: [!^Easy For Me__Hard For You^!] * Have you ever had a tag before on our server: - * Link with your hours spent (at least 20) : Yes * Do you want your tag to be inside square brackets?: Yes
    3. PRO... ► Nickname(must be the same on forum and server): Dr_-_PiKaChU ► Skype/Steam: - ► Age: 19 ► Your Country: Pakistan ► Admin experience: manager 4.2 year ► You can donate? I think That ► Can you sit afk in night [Yes/No]: yes ► Did you read the rules ? ( LINK HERE + KEYWORD ) :KingLV is King ! ► Why you want to be admin in ShadowsZm : Help Sv Help Player ► Other information: Np
    4. -ALphA-


      IM Dont Request Admin In other Server !! And Me Say Me Dont Want HERE And He Told ME Give You owner And Me Dont Know This Reason REQUEST ADMIN ON OTHER SERVER IS RESTRICTED And Me Sorry To DO that I admit to Galatia and I never Did it Again Do what you see .. But Dont Forget What Me Do To Server And Me love This Server... All People Miss ..Not Just Me And I have a Few Mistake
    5. Pro.. Wait For @KingLV CSBD
    6. -ALphA-


      Nick player : a7a IP : -- Steam-ID :-- Data & Time : Now Reason ? : Say bad words TO Server And Retry 2 times Anything else ? : Bad Words *DEAD* a7a : kosom al seilver *DEAD* hassan : your whatsappa number [ADMIN] Al<ph>A: gag a7a for 12 minut Retry:] amx_gag a7a "12" Player LORD from Turkey has joined the game! [ZP] -=HMAM=- JORDAN bought Zombie Madness [SHADOWSZM] Do you want [VIP] ? Pay 10 euro and get it for 1 month ! max dropped a7a dropped *DEAD* a7a : kosom al s
    7. -ALphA-


      Bad Words ... He team with Siwenz and ungag he Siwenz : alpha come discord i show u my banana ? *** Jannat killed Master with a headshot from xm1014 *** *DEAD* PsG HaMzA : h trafalgar_law dropped [ADMIN] Al<ph>A: gag Siwenz for 12 minutes Player Alexander Zaharcenko. from Romania has joined the game! [ADMIN] HaMzA: ungag Siwenz *** Jannat killed Alpha with a headshot from xm1014 *** *DEAD* PsG HaMzA : shut up *** STARGAZER killed play with a headshot from infection *** *** Jannat killed respect with a headshot from xm1014 *** [SHADOWSZM] We are look
    8. -ALphA-


      ¤ Your Name : Al<ph>A ¤ Claimed Admin name : HaMza ¤ Date and Time : Now ¤ Reason of complaint: GaG Me and say Arbic bad Words ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo): [ADMIN] Al<ph>A: gag Siwenz for 12 minutes *DEAD* Siwenz : blh kfh atwoh admin [SHADOWSZM] We are looking for Admins which can sit [AFK] on day/night ! - Server Owners: Alpha & Aarya ... - ] amx_ungag Al<ph> $$ : bara naik [ADMIN] HaMzA: gag Al<ph>A for 12 minutes PsG HaMzA : okay ? $$ : tunis PsG HaMzA

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        talk to me this account



        This is the last thing


        speak to kinglv 

        About me high possition 
        keep me
    10. Best Guardians ..

      Good Luck Bro

      Call me when you get administrator xD

      1. 𝕾𝖙𝖞𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖍 𝕭𝖔𝖞

        𝕾𝖙𝖞𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖍 𝕭𝖔𝖞

        HHH lol Not easy to get Even modrator or Guardian You are Saying about Administrator  it will Take 5k Years


      2. -ALphA-


        No you strong man hhh

      3. -ALphA-


        Stronger man's..

        Can get anything's 

        You with me hh

    11. -ALphA-

      >>Change Tag<<

      *Your nickname:[A]LphA * Your rank on server (slot, VIP or admin) : Top 2 [Semi Elder] * The tag you want: [*Nev^R Play W!th*] * Have you ever had a tag before on our server: No ! * Link with your hours spent (at least 20) : Yes * Do you want your tag to be inside square brackets?:YES
    12. Happy new year without crona happy new year better 2020 @DARKRAI CSBD @KingLV CSBD @Master سنة سعيدة بدون كرونا يارب تكون سنة سعيدة علي كل الناس انشاء اللة
    13. -ALphA-

      [Rejected] Admin request

      Contra .. Read rules @KingLV CSBD
    14. How to be afk in Cs 1.6 

      bind h ;+attack ;+forward ;+left [For Afk]

      bind j ;-attack ;-forward ;-left [For UnAfk]



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