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    1. dont you have any mind ?! why are you doing this to me ?! im playing on this server for 6 years and you're just 2 weeks and in these 6 years i never used any kind of cheats in the server !!! and if its really true then this cs version i downloaded is bugged i hate you nanelu.
    2. D.B Mostafa

      reporting nane

      reporting Nanelu for editing my topic on Cheat detection and faking that im using Cheats while im seriouly didnt use any single cheat since i entered the server proof : ||||| so i think Nanelu faked my report of cheating and edited it as you can see he said he cant edit my report while my report on the forum was edited. also Chip banned me for no reason : @Carbon please take na action !
    3. D.B Mostafa

      more suggestions

      hi i got more suggestion about admin and helper for Helper : max money 250k + amx_last acces for Admin : max money 300k + amx_rtv and admin menu at M9 or the amxmodmenu for general : add costumes on the Menu and add Skins at the Menu so players can choose wich skin they want to use and add more knifes for VIPs /Admins /Helpers if this is possible
    4. hi , i made a suggest which in my opinion its kinda important 1- slot hours 35 hours 2- Helper 80 hours 3- Admin 150 or maybe 120 this is neccesary because in the future 60% of the player will be helper , admins if they request for it so it would be so easy to get these and easy means corrupted and bad admins/helpers Carbon/Chiprizviu please tell me what can be added in the server so i make a suggestions about it like weapons , knifes , privilges and etc
    5. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
    6. you playing for fun ? but its not fun to other players in the server, using a BUG as an advantage against them is not funny , if you're gonna figure out a bug esecially with TH3 then that would be cuz you want to use it as an advantage , i wont forget the time i saw you Abusing it so freaking much in zm_foda on afks why am i so Opressed so much in this server ? an action must be taken against him because its not the first time he abused this bug as i said before i saw him abusing it and RAISTAR and nanelu so i though it was okay to use it ! this is unfair
    7. D.B Mostafa

      Reporting m4m3

      so since the bug is forbidden and i didnt know , here m4m3 using it alot of times and when i saw him i seriosuly though it was ok i though it was ok to use this trick but here a demo showing he was using the bug to get kills , Thanatos 3 knifes x Crimson Deagle makes alot of damage more than TH3 and Hammer or knife he was shooting the knifes of the TH3 then switching to Crimson which clearly does more damage and you can try it by yourself ingame. demo :
    8. D.B Mostafa

      Reporting Nanelu

      well alot of players like real real alot of players saw u on the server nanelu and playing so if it really wasn't you then u shared your account and if it was you then you were lying , you're just making it worst for you so just say the truth.
    9. D.B Mostafa

      Reporting Nanelu

      i saw Nanelu use this bug when i was a zombie actually so im not suprised also we're talking about a report not how much you boosted the server + you always been annoying to me like you waste 200k just to kill me to annoy me even though other players hitting you and attacking you and u ignore them and focus on me so i dont think your goal is to make players online and if that's true u would help them.
    10. the IP can be changed by the router change like if i turned off the router and changed the place the ip will change + he might just used VPN + the STEAMID is still the same and Lotfi clearly knows if he shares his Account he will get removed but even though he might actually did it and shared his account with a freind i didnt notice the chat in the first photo which is : ana lotfi means im lotfi in arabic so yea lotfi shared his account.
    11. DS NOMER is a server name by the way so DS is teaming with Lotfi but not Lotfi so i think Lotfi just left him because if he hit him DS will attack him so i see 2 mistakes 1- DS teaming , 2- lotfi for not firing at him and letting him team also DS when i had saw he was following me every where even when he was a zombie... idk why
    12. D.B Mostafa

      Report Admin.

      well my eyes cant lie... i saw you and m4m3t using it , go to lunatic demo in the report of me and you'll find it and you will know that ur just lying defending yourself and belive me i dont lie even if im guity and it wont go in my way , ask moja when i was his only active Admin on the server and ask Artic which is King Arthur they we're founders so go ask them , i never lied to them so why would i lie to Carbon or Chip ? if they knew they will ban and remove me right away and this happened when i was a kiddo 11 years old in a Zombie Plague 6.2 server even though i was just a normal player no
    13. D.B Mostafa

      Report Admin.

      also sadly and because of my forgetting skills... i did forget that i have a screenshot of important thing and demos i forgot to record of have proofs of other players breaking the rules. but thanks to lunatic , in his report of me there you can find m4m3t using the bug and a bit of bhoping too.
    14. D.B Mostafa

      Report Admin.

      stop your nonsense Nanelu , i saw you use SVDEX bug unless Carbon increased the dmg of it + i said i dont bhop unless the infection didnt start. have some respect while talking because this is what a guilty person would do , talking unrespectful and being toxic.
    15. D.B Mostafa

      Report Admin.

      reply to m4m3t : 1- i didnt bhop i used parachute speeding which is not forbidden and in parkour i was just jumping so u want me not to jump and wait or fall down ? im just jumping so i dont fall down + i dont use any BHOP hacks 2- thanatos bug you used it very alot of hella times that i didnt even know that it still exist + u used svdex (hero gun) so about Thanatos 3 i knew it still exists and saw u and Nanelu and RAISTAR use it which ur helper/admin/moderator using it ! so i though its okay to use it too. 3- it was my fault to M2 escape you warned me and i understood that bu



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