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    1. So hoff my PC is a potato PC so I couldn’t give wg that fast dude if an admin asks for wg I will wait till the wg completes and I will give the wg alright?? And the other account is not mine I think it’s an other user
    2. heres my wg report : unban me asap man please!!
    3. But I will only give wg if u will unban me after I gave the wg
    4. • Nickname: sort of a pro • The admin who banned me: youkai • Your IP: • Your Steam ID (number): STEAM_1:0:612547596 • The reason you have been banned: no wg • Date/time when you have been banned:23 nov 2020 10:19:53 • Proof (console screenshot is mandatory):

      UNBAN ME!!

      uum does this mean that i am unbanned hoff and youkai??

      UNBAN ME!!

      please stop banning me all the admins coz i am in the banlist so i say u to erase my name on the banlist so i could play on ur sv remake csgo ok?? i am not banned yet but when i am playing in the sv any admin comes and he bans me saying the reason u are on the banlist nickname: sort of a pro steam id:STEAM_1:0:612547596' my ip: date: everytime when the admin comes i will be banned my wargods:

      Wanna be admin

      I wanna be admin please so I could ban the other players and unban the good ones please man this is my dream of getting admin in this server please!!
    8. Yo d8 and other admins what is a money list and how to get my name out of it the admin akten is saying that I am banning you coz u are on the money list so my question is what is a money list and how to get my name out of the money list
    9. youkai i have applied unban on forum right now could you please stop banning me i could give u wg too after u unban me please i wanna play in this server what did i do wrong ??



    CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60k members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world.

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