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    1. ertain ideas turn out to be good, over the years. Those who are more than 35 years old, may well remember the arrival on the street by us of the so-called Polo Arlecchino. Now the Volkswagen Polo of today, the one that unlike the 1995 model (it was 6N, to be precise) is bought strictly electrified, in installments or possibly rented, becomes multi-colored too. Not bad if you don't like discretion, but it's not yet on sale at the official Italian network. This is an exercise done by the Dutch , for now limited (but easily replicable). The Harlequin Polo uses four different colors: red
    2. With its stylish interior, the new 170-room Lifestyle Hotel wants to appeal particularly to couples and families who appreciate a stylish though authentic environment and like to connect with the local culture. Both interior and exterior design of the hotel embrace images of the ocean and the mountains which are surrounding the city. One of the hotel's prime features is an open structure, the "CANVAS Lounge", which links with the terrace. A great space to start or finish the day, providing tea and coffee, it is open to hotel guests and locals alike and meant to stimulate exchange and comm
    3. The vaccinated man is Professor Iosif Rus from Gherla, born in 1915, in Ghiolț, in Taga commune. He was at the front and then worked as a teacher in his hometown. He has never been ill, he does not wear glasses, and at 102 years old, he has an enviable lucidity and a memory that works very well. The secret of a long life is a frugal life without many worries. Professor Iosif Rus wakes up every day at 7 o'clock, the meal at 8 o'clock, at noon the soups or soups are never missing, a walk in the fresh air, and in the evening he does not go to bed until he reads a few pages, writes Gher
    4. Sport 360- Paolo Maldini, AC Milan legend and club's technical director, has commented on the approaching official transfer of Croatian star Mario Mandzukic to the team that is competing for the Italian League title this season. Referring to Mandzukic, Maldini stressed that the club dealt with the deal to obtain its services on the principle that nice players are not enough in football, he said. A fiery double awaits Milan between Ibrahimovic and Mandzukic Reports have confirmed that Mandzukic reached an agreement with the Italian team, according to which he returned to the Ital
    5. vevamo ipotizzato sin da marzo, su queste pagine, che una serie di nuovi elementi a tutela dell’igiene e in prevenzione del virus potessero arrivare in abitacolo. Dopo alcuni filtri da costruttori cinesi come Geely, capace di trattenere anche elementi piccolissimi fuori dalla vettura, dal Giappone ecco una nuova “mascherina” per l’auto. Una mascherina che oltretutto non è altruista come molte di quelle più leggere per le persone, ma aiuta esclusivamente chi siede in vettura. Non è chirurgica quindti ma nemmeno FFP2. Si tratta del filtro chiamato Kurumask della Honda, che si applica in ser
    6. Being mindful, says Strauss, “just means to be present, focused and aware of your internal and external landscapes in any given moment. When we bring mindfulness into the equation, we take everything up a notch in terms of benefits. We know that mindfulness can slow our heart rate and reduce anxiety and depression.” When we are mindful during exercise, our workout is more effective. One of the easiest ways to “drop into mindfulness” while walking, she says, is to listen to your footsteps. “I like to do a little activity where I breathe in for four steps, hold my breath for about four steps – w
    7. The new White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klein, said, "President-elect Joe Biden will await a recommendation from his intelligence advisers regarding the possibility of President Donald Trump showing confidential information after leaving the White House." Informing former presidents of confidential information comes within a tradition of "courtesy", and the decision is made by the president in power. Klein, the new White House chief of staff, made the comment after an article written by Sue Gordon, the former deputy director of National Intelligence, opposing Trump having such inform
    8. Saudi 360 - Saudi press reports revealed that the victory management has settled the first deals during the current winter transfer period, despite not obtaining a financial competency certificate to register new players. The Saudi newspaper Al-Youm reported that Al-Nasr management had agreed with Uzbek Jalaluddin Masharipov on the details of the professional contract, which extends for a year and a half, and can be extended, provided that the player arrives within 48 hours to Riyadh. Victory agrees with Masharipov The Al-Nasr administration had entered into negotiations to incl
    9. AlSyK.png


      Today, Sunday, January 17, 2021, the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Israeli shekel witnessed a noticeable increase in bank transactions, as currency rates in Gaza and the West Bank in Palestine acted as follows.

      The exchange rate of the dollar: 3.27 shekels
      The exchange rate of the dinar: 4.61 shekels
      The exchange rate of the euro: 3.95 shekels
      The exchange rate of the pound: 0.21 shekels

      It is worth noting that the currency rates against the Israeli shekel in Palestine today are subject to change during daylight hours according to the Palestinian Stock Exchange and the local market

    10. It's official, Renault will revive its R5, in the form of an affordable electric city car just unveiled by Luca de Meo. Now we are starting to learn a little more about what Renault is preparing for the years to come, when the long-awaited conference announcing the new strategy of the diamond brand, called “ Renaulution ”, has just taken place. During this speech, the new boss of the firm, Luca de Meo, announced his future plans for the former management of course, but also for Alpine, Dacia and Lada , which should benefit from new positioning more distinct from each other, as is already
    11. With each new year, resolution and goals of fitness are projected to take over people’s lifestyles and correct bad habits. Sometimes those resolutions fall in between the cracks and people will lean on the next year to change their attitude on working out. However, adopting a more healthier lifestyle doesn’t require making large sacrifices for the greater good — it only takes a few minor changes. The West River Community Center is a place where newcomers or avid fitness sharks can work on their own personal goals, while also having a variety of amenities available such as the swimming are
    12. The Associated Press said that the American people will not be able to access the records of the White House under President Donald Trump until several years from now, which raises increasing concerns about creating a gap in the history of one of the most "turbulent" periods of the US presidency. The agency added, in a report published on Saturday, that Trump was arrogant in dealing with the law that required him to keep records, as he had a habit of shredding documents and then disposing of them, forcing White House workers to spend hours regrouping them again. Record-keeping practi



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