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  1. - Owner Name: @Powerxk - Server Name: - Server mode: Zombie Plague 6.2 - GoF Day you choose: Thursday - The desired time interval: 18:00 to 19:00 RO
  2. StreetZM.CsBlackDevil.Com Zombie Plague 6.2 FOLLOW THE RULES TO GET ADMIN ! We are offering adminsaccess Helper to Pre-Managers , for who are interested and want to join StreetZM.... MAKE SURE YOU WILL DO A REQUEST ADMIN HERE ! THANK YOU !
  3. StreetZM.CsBlackDevil.Com [Zombie Plague 6.2] Model for Admin:- ¤ Your Nickname: ¤ Your Address Skype, Steam: ¤ Age: ¤ Languages that you can Speak: ¤ Your Location: ¤ Experience As Admin: ¤ Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (02:00 AM To 12:00 AM): ¤ Link Of Hours You Played On Server ( Click Here You Must Write Your Nickname ): ¤ Reason That You Want To Be Admin: ¤ Other Information For Your Request: Rules:- -> You must follow the model otherwise will be rejected -> We will test
  4. I wish Ramadan to all Muslims wherever they are. I wish you this blessed month, I hope you spend it as beautifully as possible and I wish you an easy fast.
  5. New Start for StreetZm , we looking for new Staff aswell. Nickname: Age: Experinces as admin: Your Country: You can boost sometimes server?: Can you be active at night? : How many hours can you be active per day? : Important: You must speak English Clearly no issue on it. You Should Be Daily Active in server at Day and stay afk in night. You Should Be Active On TS3/TeamSpeak3 Also If U Can.
  6. Hello OldLifeZM is looking for full staff and we're giving high grades ,if you're interest to be with us just follow the Model : Model : ¤ Nickname: ¤ Age: ¤ Your Country (Location): ¤ Languages that you speak: ¤ How much you can be active? ¤ Can you be active in ts3? : ¤ Other information:
  7. OUR OldLifeZM SERVER IS BACK ! FOLLOW THE RULES TO GET ADMIN ! We are offering admins access Helper to Pre-Managers , for who are interested and want to join OldLifeZM Please apply the below model filled with your information. Please read the notes before applying. ► Nickname(must be the same on forum and server): ► Skype/Steam: ► Age: ► Your Country: ► Admin experience: ► You can donate? ► Can you sit afk in night [Yes/No]: ► Did you read the rules ? ( LINK HERE + KEYWORD ) : ► Why you want to be admi
  8. DNS SERVER: OldLifeZM.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM IP SERVER : We are offering admins access Administrator to Semi-Elder , for who are interested and want to join OldLifeZM . We are looking for loyalty & experienced staff. If you want to join , feel free to leave a reply with the following model. Model ! ¤ Your Nickname: ¤ Your adress Skype, Steam: ¤ Age: ¤ Languages that you can speak: ¤ Your location: ¤ Experience as admin: ¤ Can you stay spectator or playing between these
  9. ¤ Nume în joc: p0w3R.* ¤ Vârsta: 27 ¤ Nume: Armend Bytyqi ¤ Oraș: Prizren ¤ Județ: X ¤ Țară: Kosova (New State) ¤ Jocuri preferate: Counter-Strike 1.6 ¤ O scurtă descriere despre tine: Good Boy* ¤ De unde ai aflat de CsBlackDevil: Weather long time.. ¤ Server preferat (server doar din comunitate!): NewLifeZM ¤ O poză cu tine (în cazul în care ai deja una și vrei să o postezi): X



CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60k members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world.

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