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  1. next time you should see the model how to report for admin follow the rules !!!
  2. Powerxk

    [Away] Request Admin

    has not played any hours on our server and wants admin WTF
  3. Powerxk

    [Away] Request Admin

    note you selected the wrong hours link. send the link of the played clocks to our server and you will receive a reply soon Thank you for choosing our server, we wish you a pleasant game
  4. Sorry, your request has not been accepted because you do not have any minutes to play on our server. We invite you to be active and add your activity so that you can gain free admin
  5. Powerxk

    Request admin

    you have very little playing time on our server we invite you to be more active and we will see your activity in the coming days and we will give you an answer to your request
  6. you need to stay more active and do at least 30 hours on the server and then send a new request you can see the watches here just ask with your nick : Click Here Thank you ;
  7. be more active and your rank will increase
  8. Powerxk


    stay active for 3 days to see your activity then send a new request
  9. Reason: you have not played any hours on the server there is not even a player with such a name on our server Rejected !
  10. thank you for cooperating with us we will remove all administrators who break the rules.
  11. @SKYPpER XxL O.M.R (KATo)
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