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  1. HEY GR4VEN hope you are doing well i was wondeing if you are the one who had Jax Teller PHOTO PROFILE ON YOUR PROFILE if you do please can you give it to me. and thank you for your valiable time.

    1. G R 4 V E N 提
    2. TiU 8085

      TiU 8085

      oh man thanksss thank you LEGEND


    1. TiU 8085

      TiU 8085

      tnx crimson im enjoying being here ty for your time. 

    2. Crimson!
  3. bOoM music mann!!!!

  4. nice tracks.

  5. hi how are you?

    1. #EVIL BABY

      #EVIL BABY

      Hello. how i can help you!

    2. TiU 8085

      TiU 8085

      im new here i dont know how this site works but i wanna learn from u. if you cant that will not be a problem. 

    3. #EVIL BABY

      #EVIL BABY

      Contact me via private.

  6. nidal do you play ?

  7. wachmen sv rakom fih?

    1. Naser DZ
    2. TiU 8085

      TiU 8085

      naser nta tel3ab f les sv if yes 9oli bach nel3ab m3ak.

    3. TiU 8085

      TiU 8085

      im new here so sorry if i ve breaked any rules.

  8. if its hannibal i recomand dexter from showtime

  9. i like yonan people bro

  10. black ama sv rak tel3eb??

  11. hey bro

    1. Nyx.


      hello bro, i dont see u around in the sv 

      miss u ❤️ 

    2. TiU 8085

      TiU 8085

      miss you too bro i miss the sv unfortunately i have BAC so i really miss playing with you 

  12. hazzaae balouchii love his voice

  13. loved the soundd big upp 

  14. enjoyed the musica tnxx

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