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  1. Sheeko

    [BANLIST] Sheeko

    Nick: Ch3ny1 IP: SteamID : VALVE_6:1:165747427 Time : 60 Reason: Proof (print/demo) :
  2. ¤ Nickname :Sheeko ¤ Music Genre :Hip-Hop / Rap ¤ Artist / Singer: Drake ft. Lil Durk ¤ Link of music video :
  3. ¤ Nickname :Sheeko ¤ Music Genre :Hip-Hop/Rap ¤ Artist / Singer:YungZone ¤ Link of music video :
  4. Sheeko

    Admin skin

    Bro we must be the different server of bd servers xD Good idea
  5. Sheeko

    [BANLIST] Sheeko

    Nick: [Luis] - [C]arlos IP: SteamID : VALVE_6:0:2075930666 Time : 60 Reason: Rr.Zm Proof (print/demo) :
  6. Sheeko

    [BANLIST] Sheeko

    Nick: OrTiZ : IP: SteamID : VALVE_6:1:1290489950 Time : 60 Reason: Ungag himself Proof (print/demo) :
  7. Sheeko

    [BANLIST] Sheeko

    Nick: *** IP: SteamID : STEAM_1:0:1420222375 Time : 60 Reason: Changing his name to dirty emoji Proof (print/demo) :
  8. Sheeko

    [BANLIST] Sheeko

    Nick: sarv x ruv fnf IP: SteamID : STEAM_1:1:867131965 Time : 60 Reason: rr.gag Proof (print/demo) : sarv x ruv fnf : plz donate me im poor ] amx_gag sarv 6 [ADMIN] sheeko: gag sarv x ruv fnf for 6 minutes Player Marcelo from has joined the game! Press the M key to change the zombie class and to buy extra items! [ZP] A Rapture Reminder @ Assassin still has 29,701 health points! Piscis OrTiZ : lm TouTou killed sheeko with knife *ALIVE* predator TouTou : xd [ZP] A Rapture Reminder @ Assassin still has 22,574 health points! Do you want VIP? Type /vip for more info! Private Area - only HighLifeZM staff password: AdminsHighlifezm321 sarv x ruv fnf dropped [ZP] A Rapture Reminder @ Assassin still has 17,071 health points! *ALIVE* dot : lm Join our community. Register at www.CsBlackDevil.Com Player sarv x ruv fnf from Slovenia
  9. Sheeko

    [Request Admin]

    Pro for Helper!
  10. Sheeko

    Admin skin

    The 3rd best one .. it's very old skin
  11. Sheeko

    Add /Donate all

    I think he is ..
  12. Sheeko

    [BANLIST] Sheeko

    Nick: Mohamed IP: SteamID : STEAM_1:0:1982953586 Time : 60 Min Reason: Going spectate during mode Proof (print/demo) :
  13. Sheeko

    Add /Donate all

    when players are in spectate .. they cant see their ammo ... What is the problem if we added it?? tell me there is no thing wrong ... we wont lose anything .
  14. Nickname: Sheeko Your suggestion: Write /Donate "NAME" all and give this player all your ammo , I know it's silly suggetion but be sure .. it will help more than you think Download link: - Other information: -
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