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  1. Hello Bro I Miss you!

    1. NW.graphic


      Bruh c:: missed u too xd

    2. ~~Dark Shadow~~

      ~~Dark Shadow~~

      I know But I have School

  2. Hellooooo how are u m'y Brother ?

    1. NW.graphic


      I´m back bruh. I´m back with the best of spirits *.*

    2. Bada.


      But me And m'y freinds leave NewlifeZM was a lot problems here........ Now Iam on oldschool with m'y freinds

  3. Se nos cayó un idolo... :'v.  Te extrañaré 🙏







  4. Porque lo banearon xd

    1. [M]anuel


      Cosas Del mundo AHAHH

  5. You assume very optimistic things. People who feel empathy see more than just rules, it is not enough to believe that you are doing the right thing, doing the right thing is putting yourself in everyone's shoes, not just where you choose to be for convenience. Doing the right thing is doing what's best for everyone, not just for the convenience of 10-12.
  6. With so much envy and lack of empathy they create a topic to prohibit the use of talent. "Look at me, I don't know how to do BHOP, that's why I'm going to find a way for others not to do it." People like BLuesky spent a lot of time learning something as complicated as bhop / sgs / bgs. It is something difficult to achieve and I know it because I have been learning for weeks. @Bada is the perfect example about that. With so much supposed morality and with the empty pretext that "it is unfair for other players" you encourage to create a new rule to prohibit the use of a quality. It is not hard to believe that if you have someone to teach you how to do this you can achieve it without the need for scripts. Want to add a rule that prohibits using these skills to their advantage. Want to stifle talent on the pretext "it's not fair to others." Just because it's a rare ability Want to make it seem like something illegal.
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