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  1. Musician Name: Karol G Birthday / Location: 14 de febrero de 1991 Colombia Main instrument: voz Musician Picture: Musician Awards & Nominations: no tiene Best Performance: Bichota Other Information: Carolina Giraldo Navarro (Medellín, 14 de febrero de 1991), más conocida por su nombre artístico Karol G, es una cantante y compositora colombiana.
  2. Artist: Anuel AA Real Name: Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago Birth Date /Place: born November 26, 1992 , puerto rican Age: 28 Social status (Single / Married): single Artist Picture: Musical Genres: rap, reggaeton, Trap Latin Awards: no one Top 3 Songs (Names): secreto, reloj, Me quieren matar Other Information: known professionally as Anuel AA, is a Puerto Rican rapper and singer. He is considered a pioneer of the Latin trap movement and his lyrics often discuss crime and urban life in Puerto Rico. His music often contains samples and interpolations of songs that were po[CENSORED]r during his youth. He is seen as a controversial figure in the Latin music scene for his legal troubles and feuds with fellow Puerto Rican rappers Cosculluela and Ivy Queen and with the American rapper 6ix9ine.
  3. Rojas produced a stunning 15.67 metre leap on her final attempt in the final, as she smashed the record of 15.50 metres that had been held by Inessa Kravets since 1995. The Venezuelan, who also won gold at Rio 2016, had already been confirmed as the winner of the gold medal by the time of her third jump, before going on to secure a world-record leap. Her day was made even better as her close friend Ana Peleteiro won the bronze medal, as she broke the Spanish record twice to finish in third place. Peleitero followed up her second jump of 14.77 metres with her final leap of 14.87 metres, breaking the record of 14.73 that she herself had set at the 2019 European Indoor Championships in Glasgow. The silver medal was awarded to Patricia Mamona, who broke the Portuguese record of 14.65 metres that she had set five years ago in Rio de Janeiro, as she recorded two leaps of 14.91 metres and 15.01 metres respectively.
  4. * Nume: * procsLT | Player * Ip: * * SteamID (daca exista) : STEAM_1:0:2060977509 * Timp : 5000 min * Motiv: hacks (cheats and speedhack) * Dovezi (print/demo) :
  5. * Nume: * Ip: * SteamID (daca exista) : * Timp : * Motiv: * Dovezi (print/demo) :
  6. man I can't find any clue of a keyword at least give me a hand
  7. PLS make more activity and came back in 2 week
  8. Servidor de apodos: inmortal Steam ID / Link: no tengo Edad: 16 ¿Has leído las REGLAS? [palabra clave]: Edit by BeeNoXz 31 iulie ¿De dónde conoce RSX.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM ? de csbd ¿Puedes apoyar a nuestro servidor con una donación? (Sí / no): tal vez no lo sé ¿Otras especificaciones ?: A lo largo de mi experiencia con la comunidad csbd he aprendido mucho sobre cómo ser administrador. Tengo experiencia en ftp en 4 idiomas rumano / árabe / inglés / español y sé cómo manejar cualquier responsabilidad. Hoy juego 5 horas y me gusta este servidor.
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