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  1. Nickname: KaZaMa Age: 26 How many boosts can you do?: IDK How much can you be active/day?: At least 6 hours per day. Experience on zombies?: 7 Years Experience as admin?: 6 Years Why do you want to be admin?: I searched for a good server and I founder this server as the best, SO i will be pleased if i help the server as a admin. Give me a higher rank, I will not let you down. How else can you help the server? (youtube videos/share on groups) : I can share the ip with my friends and boost up the player. As well as I can control the requests or other problems in CSBD forum, if you upgrade my account as Manager CS 1.6 . THANKS !!!!
  2. ► Nickname(must be the same on forum and server): KaZaMa ► Skype/Steam: Don't have it . ► Age: 19 ► Your Country: Pakistan ► Admin experience: 3 years experience of elder , 2 years of co-owner and half year of owner. ► You can donate? I'll try sir. ► Can you sit afk in night [Yes/No]: Yes . ► Did you read the rules ? ( LINK HERE + KEYWORD ) : Yup sir. ► Why you want to be admin in ShadowsZm : When my server was banned then i started searching the best server then i found ShadowsZM and i really liked the server. ► Other information: I will help the server as best as I can. And always respect players and admins. I will Apply rules. Accept me as Co-Owner from your kindness . Regards ❤
  3. send me your nick'pass'tag on pm farum

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