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  1. Nickname: hunter man Old access: punshed admin New access: Player Upgrade/downgrade/Remove (Up/Down/Remove ?): Removed! Reason: he was under probation for his rules breaking and today he just start retry in every time he become zombie Data: 1/08/2020
  2. Nickname: islam Old access: Helper New access: Punished admin Upgrade/downgrade/Remove (Up/Down/Remove ?): suspended 3 days Reason: Team up with zombie , killing all players and give free for his mate , the reaction has been taken by me after many verbal warnings Data: 29/7/2020
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  4. Nickname: ~~RoudriGuez~~{J}10 Old access: Semi-elder New access: Player Upgrade/downgrade/Remove (Up/Down/Remove ?): Removed! Reason: slaying and slaping other admins abuse his command by slaying players for no reasons team up with a zombie and give a free to his mate Data: 29/7/2020
  5. ★ Your nickname: Brad Smith™ ★ Age: 21 ★ Experience as admin: more than 10 years ★ Can you stay spectator or playing between these hours[12:00 PM To 06:00 AM] (Yes/No[Some reasons]): yes ★ Reason that you want to be admin in Zm: i have alot of exp to help the server ★ Other information that we need to know related with you: nothing