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    1. i will make sure to be more active thx all
    2. @Meh Rez vM ! ♫ @rusha^^ @DarKVoicE
    3. In-game nick: THE REAL LOL Played hours: REAL LOL/ Current rank: ELDER
    4. @DarKVoicE that is what im hoping for u said it we're family which mean small mistakes must be forgivable Untill this shyloo guy showed up to make sure that ever small mistake should be punishable and need to be reported Look at the report sections its all him and his reports This is not how family works An eye for an eye method had to be present in this situation For every actions thier should be a similar or same reaction .....
    5. You're malignant the way that whole report is abusing a player Well if the player was abused like u said how do u know that he was abused when u just got into the server This is another proof that you're a sneaky and malignant person I've kept a clean record in my whole time i stayed in this server But i know why you reported , you didn't like that i did stand against your rusha upgrade beef so you had to get me for that I don't appreciate you at all
    6. His sneaky ways of reporting others had to lead to this l Look at the whole report section its always him trying to catch others For the smallest and the dumbest mistakes @rusha^^ waiting for rusha replay
    7. U did abuse her stop acting like you're an angel she hated her upgrade because of u even tho multiple admins got upgraded but apparently to you girls doesn't deserve an upgrade You see sometimes when you cook the poison and u need to taste some of it Your ways of trying catch ever admins even for the smallest mistakes proof how malignant you really are You're not an angel ur a devil waiting to be slayed
    8. uminică la 02:39 PM ¤ Your name : the real lol ¤ Name of admin : shyloo ¤ Date and time : some days ago ¤ Reason of complaint : he was abusing another admin because she got upgraded and apparently he doesn't like how thing go around here @rusha^^ ¤ Proof (screenshot or demo) :
    9. Hello all I was talking into a friend of mine who was joking a messing with me i totally understand these words are forbidden and i know the rules Shylofor a supo i promise u my friend i will be watching 24hrs because i know what ur up to u don't like me that's why you're trying to get whatever chance that yoh can get to get me suspended or removed i saw you multiple times saying bads words in the admins chat but i wouldn't report because we're family and we can solve ot on our own The next time you be playing all i can tell you is you better watch your back The way you
    10. i will give u a pro but make sure to always follow rules PRO for sure
    11. ¤ Nickname : THE REAL LOL ¤ Old Tag : Keep it real ¤ New Tag : SupReme Oreo



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