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  1. i totally agree this guy keep abusing commands for no reason and i saw him yestarday teaching a normal player admin commands and everytime one of his friends gets gag by an admin or the bad words system he ungag them
  2. In-game nick: THE REAL LOL Played hours: REAL LOL/ Current rank: Semi_God
  3. PRO for helper but make sure to read the rules because i've seen you making alot of mistakes in the server specially spamming and asking for ammo GOODD luck
  5. present even tho i didn't get mentioned
  6. the fourm isn't even answered for CONTRA
  7. ¤ Nickname : the real lol ¤ Age (at least 14 years): 22 ¤ Reason that you want to be admin in Zmoldschool: i used to be an admin and i want to get back to the server because i love it and i wanna help to maintain the server rank to be one top ranks ¤ Other information: i have experience used to be a modrator and i would like to help