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    1. Artist : Neil Diamond Real Name: Neil Leslie Diamond Birth Date /Place : Born : January 24, 1941 - Brooklyn, New York, U.S. Age: 79 Social status ( Single / Married ) : married Artist Picture : Musical Genres : Pop - rock - folk - country - soft rock Awards : Grammy awards Top 3 Songs (Names) : Just for you - Tap Root Manuscript - stones Other Informations : Neil Leslie Diamond (born January 24, 1941) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. He has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling musi
    2. Musician Name :Daniel Rostén Birthday / Location : 26 April 1977 (age 43) Main instrument : Vocals, guitar, bass Musician Picture : Musician Awards & Nominations : - Best Performance : Plague Angel Other Information : Daniel Rostén in 1993 had a solo band called Winds but never released anything and would later dissolve the project. Rostén joined Funeral Mist under the "Arioch" pseudonym as bassist in the summer of 1994, before the band's first demo recordings. Once all old members left, Rostén led the band and recorded the second demo Havoc in s
    3. Nume: .exe * Ip: * SteamID (daca exista) : STEAM_1:0:2049420491 * Timp : permenant ban * Motiv: aim * Dovezi (print/demo) :
    4. AL_MAOT

      cerere unban x'' :))

      Salut, first: this not first time u banned, you banned from @Zegna before 5 days HERE and now you banned from me . you Unban from zegna ban but 2 admins ban you with demos. so idk what I say. Second: why you change your name from x'eth to x" ??? I had problems before your new name when you was x'eth, i was ban you 1-2 times. so why you change your name ? to avoid the eyes on you ? to play as you need? anyway I banned you and i have demo (Also zegna he have!) this my demo : and this my ban li
    5. Nume: x" * Ip: * SteamID (daca exista) : STEAM_0:1:440906825 * Timp : permenant ban * Motiv: aim * Dovezi (print/demo) :
    6. Nume: Gowther * Ip: * SteamID (daca exista) : STEAM_1:0:1377506921 * Timp : permenant ban * Motiv: aim * Dovezi (print/demo) : Note: this ban from time not from date of post the banul!
    7. Who watch Kurulus osman! I love him 😛 

      who watch him let replay for Dirilis ertugrul ❤️ / Kurulus osman  ❤️ 

      1. T͟Hē GHōST'

        T͟Hē GHōST'

        oh certificates oh freedoms 🤗


      2. AL_MAOT


        واالله ما فهمت
        ابعتلي تيم سبيك


    8. THANKS FOR YOUR PARTICIPATE! THE WINNERS: 1. @QeLi 40 DC 2. @N I N J A x) 40 DC 3. @S9OUL. 10 DC 4. @PulSen 10 DC 5. @jijii 25 DC 6. @BeeNoXz 40 DC 7. @Revo 324 40 DC GOOD LUCK
    9. 1. Nickname: AL_MAOT 2. Tag 3 friends: @vagabond. @@LeX @Loenex @S9OUL. 3. Which Mystery Pumpkin you choose?:
    10. Hello, here you can you find all of our members' responsibilities depends on 3 levels Level 1 : Sections (Story / Quotes & poems) Close the topics that have more than 24 hours from post time / and check if the topics didn't break the models/rules @AL_MAOT @Loenex @Revo 324 @Ru-gAL.™ @#Steeven.™ @YaKoMoS @亗 GRAVEN 亗 @[Ty][email protected] Level 2 : Section (Devil Memoir-Review) Close the topics that have more than 24 hours from post time /and check if the topics didn't break the models/rules / Edit this 1 , 2 topics every time you post there! @AL_MAOT @
    11. 1-Poet name: Sarah Fuller Flower Adams 2-Birth Date - Place: Born : Sarah Fuller Flower - 22 February 1805 -Old Harlow, Essex, England / Died : 14 August 1848 - London, England 3-Age: 43 4-Poems (mentioned 3 min.): "Nearer, my God, to Thee" - "He sendeth sun, he sendeth shower" - "Creator Spirit! Thou the first." 5-Distinctions: - 6-Other Informations: Sarah Fuller Flower was born 22 February 1805, at Old Harlow, Essex,and baptised in September 1806 at the Water Lane Independent Chapel in Bishops Stortford. She was the younger daughter of the radical editor Benj
    12. 1- Nickname : AL_MAOT 2- Type of story: (Tragedy/comedy/documentary/experience/Rebirth/kid): Kid 3- The Story : [] MORE than a hundred and sixty-eight years ago, there lived a curious personage called "Old Riddler." His real name was unknown to the people in that part of the country where he dwelt; but this made no difference, for the name given him was probably just as good as his own. Indeed, I am quite sure that it was better, for it meant something, and very few people have names that mean anything. He was called Old Riddler for two reasons. In the f
    13. GFX battle need your votes




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