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    Playing games,running,gym.
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  1. AraGoN.BeasT

    [BANLIST] AraGoN

    Nick: DGDN IP: SteamID : STEAM_1:0:288567988 Time : 5000 Reason: Speed hack Proof (print/demo) : i was specing him 3 mins,and there were purple called me
  2. AraGoN.BeasT

    [BANLIST] AraGoN

    Nick: %$#@@#$%%#$ IP: SteamID : VALVE_ID_LAN Time : 5000 Reason: Speed hack Proof (print/demo) : we were more spectators there from admins
  3. AraGoN.BeasT

    [Solved] Renny

    Yes it was in first round while hop asking me for cmds and he used it so early,after i warned him to not do that again,so be carefull next time its your first mistake.
  4. AraGoN.BeasT

    [Accepted]Change Tag

    * Your nickname: AraGoN* Your rank on server (slot, VIP or admin): Co owner* The tag you want: [GM]* Have you ever had a tag before on our server: yes* Link with your hours spent (at least 20) : Do you want your tag to be inside square brackets?: yes
  5. I see this boy always playing amazing activity at night especially so PRO
  6. AraGoN.BeasT

    [BANLIST] AraGoN

    Nick: ;*{()}*' IP: SteamID : VALVE_ID_LAN Time :Permamently Reason:Speed+Damage Proof (print/demo) :i was speccing him+he killed me so fast on assassin
  7. AraGoN.BeasT

    [Rejected] Reqest Admin

    Respect admin model,make good activity and make request after 1 week so #Contra .
  8. Very respectfull and good guy,he's old from our staff i remember so #Pro .