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  1. I have a gang on the server haha excellent Who are in ? #Pussygaaaang I don't talk bad if you respect me 0 rivality with this guy i really destroy him easy You are just a friend of a cheater GG I hope admins can read chat logs my .dem are super clean give me a website who work to post just for you big lier you are @[email protected]
  2. Thx nice job guys Suicide killer looser please go to a psychatric hospital because i never talked you You just talked bad and harass me since few days because i destroy you with VIP I started cs in 2000 i won more LANS you can win in your life so please go back play pokemon I see you are from morocco i never see a top player or team from this country win anything on the cs scene And if it's a fake .dem or fake steam id no problem we gonna see you later
  3. Sorry if i don't post in the good section but i don't found a better place Aimbot + WH proofs (part2+3 are more fast to see cheat) # 8 "Suicide Killer" 6909 STEAM_1:0:196034404 Ban that bi*** please thx
  4. Ban Information Name: FINAL_BOSS IP: Reason: wall Unban Time: Permanent Ban Admin Name: Malau Admin SteamID: STEAM_1:0:1759479909 0 check with screenshots or wargod a guy tel him i cheat he ban me 2min after with 0 proofs worst admin ever.
  5. Nickname: FINAL_BOSS SteamID: STEAM_1:0:1484253071 Data: Adminu care te-a banat: NuTzarMuriCataua Motiv: Nothing he asked me to upload 5 images on imgur i do i lost my time for him and he said ok i'm clean he ban me 10min after... Dovada: He taked video of me with a cellphone lol you can see he is not a serious admin