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  1. What Is the Euromillions Lottery? Euromillions is a European-based lottery. It has drawings twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays at about 9 pm CET. Ticket sales close about half an hour before the drawing and open again about an hour afterward. Payouts are awarded for 13 different winning combinations. These payouts are fixed, except for the jackpot; the size of the jackpot prize depends on the number of tickets sold with a minimum of €17 million. If no jackpot winner is chosen, the money rolls over to the next drawing to make an even larger jackpot, up to a maximum of €190 million. So far, three winners have walked away with the maximum €190 million jackpot. If the Euromillions jackpot is at €190 million and no winner is drawn, the jackpot will remain at €190 million for the next drawing, but funds will be added to the prize in the next tier down where there are winners. If that happens four times, the entire jackpot will be divided among the winners in the next tier down where winning numbers have been selected. This is usually the tier where the winners have selected six out of seven winning numbers including the two lucky stars. How Does the Euromillions Lottery Work? To win a Euromillions jackpot, you must correctly pick seven numbers: five regular numbers and two "lucky stars." The five regular numbers can be in any order, and so can the two lucky stars. The regular numbers run between 1 and 50, whereas the Lucky Stars can be between 1 and 12. Who Is Eligible to Play and Win? You can legally buy tickets for the Euromillions Lottery if you are aged 18 and up (16 and up in the UK) and are physically located in one of the participating countries. The countries that participate in Euromillions are: The United Kingdom and the Isle of Man Austria Belgium France Ireland Luxembourg Portugal Spain Switzerland You do not have to be a resident or a citizen of one of the participating countries to play Euromillions. If you are in the country on vacation or for business you can buy a ticket. But you do have to be physically present in one of those countries to legally buy a ticket, even online. You also need to be physically present in the country where you bought a ticket to claim a prize. You don't need to be an EU resident or citizen to play. That means that Brexit will not affect UK citizens' ability to play Euromillions. Many of those countries offer complimentary entries into other lotteries with the purchase of a Euromillions ticket. For example, if you buy Euromillions tickets in the UK, you will automatically receive entries into the UK-only Millionaire Maker Game as well. Beware of lottery scams and offers; you cannot buy tickets across international lines, and you can't win if you haven't bought a ticket on a European visit. If you receive an email or letter out of the blue that you are a Euromillions winner, you are being scammed. How to Buy Euromillions Tickets If (and only if) you are located in one off the participating countries, you can buy Euromillions tickets online as well as from local retailers. Just as with Powerball and other lotteries, you can find Euromillions retailers at convenience stores and similar locations. When you buy Euromillions tickets, you can either select your own numbers or use the Lucky Dip or Quick Pick option, which lets the lottery software choose your numbers for you at random. Each set of picks costs €2.50, £2.50 or CHF3.50, depending on where you buy your tickets. You can choose up to 70 sets of numbers per ticket. If you buy online, you can also choose which of the two weekly drawings you want to play, and choose to play the same numbers in future weeks. And What If You Win? Euromillions drawings are broadcast on television in every participating country. The winning numbers are also posted online. Jackpot winners are allowed to remain anonymous. They have a certain amount of time before they have to claim their prize, which varies by the country where you bought your ticket. It's a good idea to take advantage of that time to get your financial team in place and otherwise organize your affairs. You must claim your prize in the country where you bought your ticket. Even other countries that sell Euromillions tickets cannot distribute prizes from tickets not purchased within their jurisdiction.
  2. “Paws and Think focuses on improving lives through the power of the human/dog connection,” says Burton. One day a week, she stops by a small office at St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital to catch up with some of her star canines. A recent visit saw one of Paws and Think’s top dogs, the 100-pound Bella. The shaggy, 10-year-old Newfoundland specializes in encouraging children to read. For children who are shy or don’t like reading out loud during school, reading to Bella can help calm the nerves. The pages turn as Bella takes in every line. Burton says she is honored to be among the 15 ELEVATE finalists because the recognition shows her work has been meaningful to the community. “We want to bring love, happiness, and comfort to those who need it most,” Burton says, “We know dogs are amazing. They’re non-judgemental and offer unconditional love. So, what better tool than dogs to be able to do those things.” Sarah Myer ‘06, also among the award nominees, says she’s grateful she decided to stay in Indianapolis after graduating from Butler. Sarah Myer Sarah Myer '06 helped attract the 2021 Final Four to Indianapolis. “Indy is a city where you can get connected quickly and make an impact if you are willing to hustle,” says the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at Indiana Sports Corp. “Not many cities have that kind of opportunity for young people starting their careers.” In her role, Myer works to make sure those career opportunities stay in the Circle City. Since 1979, Indiana Sports Corp has helped attract major sporting events to Indianapolis in the form of NCAA basketball tournament games, U.S. Olympic team trials, and, of course, Super Bowl XLVI in 2012. Events co-produced by the nonprofit sports commission have led to more than $4 billion in direct spending in the city. “Our team helps execute events from start to finish,” Myer says. “And while these events are here, they not only elevate civic pride and have a huge economic impact on our city, but we always find ways to include our youth.” Emily Shrock ‘09 is nominated for Board Member of the Year for her work with Coburn Place, a local nonprofit that works to empower and house victims of abuse. A Marketing major when she was at Butler, Shrock credits her time at the University for helping her realize “the power of community." “While I was on campus, I had the opportunity to take a number of leadership roles through organizations that not only taught me how to lead but instilled in me an even stronger sense of compassion and desire to serve those around me,” she says. “My heart has forever been in serving others, and Butler truly enhanced that longing that has led me to a career in public service.” As Director of Public Engagement and Programs at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, Shrock wanted to maintain that balance of servitude with her professional life. She started at Coburn Place as a student volunteer, and a decade later, she is helping lead the nonprofit into a strong 2020. Shrock says Coburn Place houses 70 people daily in its Midtown building, but its programming and services reach all over Indianapolis. Also nominated are Lisa Glavan ‘19 and Molly McDonnell ‘17, who will represent the Roche Diagnostics Young Professionals group for the Employee Resource Group of the Year award. Burton wasn’t surprised to see so many fellow Butler Bulldogs on the ELEVATE program. “We all got really good groundwork in college to learn how to make things possible in our community,” she says. “All the time, I find myself very honored to be part of that group—to say I’m a Butler alum.”Each year, United Way’s ELEVATE Awards recognize the next generation of philanthropists, volunteers, and activists in the Central Indiana community. After receiving nearly 100 nominations, the organization has selected 15 finalists for the 2020 awards. A third of them are Butler graduates. Five alumnae are among the nominees, and winners will be announced at ELEVATE on Saturday, February 29, at Crane Bay Event Center in downtown Indianapolis. Kelsey Burton ‘06 is one of three nominees for the Nonprofit Professional of the Year. As executive director of Paws and Think, she is always promoting the benefits of dogs. Since joining the local nonprofit in 2016, the Chemistry and Biology graduate has developed numerous programs for her organization’s 130 therapy dogs all over Indianapolis.
  3. Horoscope Cancer Niveau humeur, c'est une journée à risques ! Côté amour, célibataire, vous serez assez tenté de vous engouffrer dans les méandres de la passion. Une remise en question de votre vie de couple est au programme et ce ne sera pas fait pour vous déplaire. En tout cas, vous ne risquez pas de sombrer dans un ronron assommant ! Côté argent et travail, n'accordez aucun crédit aux conseils financiers que l'on vous donnera. Ne comptez que sur vous-même pour le bon déroulement de vos affaires. Il ne sera plus question de peser le pour et le contre. Vous devrez foncer et surprendre vos concurrents par la rapidité de vos réactions. Niveau santé, risques de maux d'estomac. Il est temps de faire un effort pour rééquilibrer votre alimentation. Si vous souffrez de remontées acides ou de brûlures d'estomac commencez par vous poser les bonnes questions. n'avalez plus n'importe quoi, n'importe quand ! Notre conseil pour votre journée: certaines décisions prises aujourd'hui peuvent avoir des conséquences à long terme. Horoscope Lion Concernant l'humeur, journée très valorisante. A propos de la santé, vous avez bon moral et le physique suit. A propos de l'argent et le travail, vous avez tendance à penser que votre poste est acquis et vous en faites le minimum. Vous avez tort de vous croire tellement en sécurité, souvenez-vous que personne n'est irremplaçable. Niveau amour, votre partenaire vous donnera une belle preuve d'attachement. Vous ne pourrez pas mettre son amour en doute, malgré tous vos efforts pour lui faire porter le chapeau de vos doutes amoureux. Un peu de courage tout de même ! Notre conseil du jour : ne cherchez pas à plaire à tout le monde c'est perdu d'avance ! Faites ce qui vous semble le mieux. Horoscope Vierge Concernant l'humeur, la journée devrait être sereine. Concernant l'amour, vous aurez des liens privilégiés avec votre famille. Les enfants occuperont la première place aujourd'hui et rien ne pourra détourner votre attention de vos tendres chérubins. A propos de l'argent et le travail, des détails pratiques vous empêcheront de vous consacrer correctement à vos projets personnels. Vive la procrastination, remettez à demain (si c'est possible bien évidemment) ! A propos de la santé, équilibrez vos repas et ménagez votre estomac. Notre conseil du jour : vous organisez tout pour votre petite famille mais n'oubliez pas de vous occuper, aussi, de votre bien-être. Horoscope Balance A propos de l'humeur, l'ambiance sera dynamique. Côté amour, ces derniers temps, votre foyer a connu pas mal de tensions et vous désirez retrouver un climat chaleureux au sein de votre famille. Mettez-y du vôtre et tout ira mieux. A propos de l'argent et le travail, ne brûlez pas les étapes si vous voulez arriver au bout de vos projets. Essayez d'être méthodique. Sans cela, vous ne parviendrez pas à atteindre vos objectifs. Faites preuve de plus de maturité. Côté santé, quel tonus ! Tout le monde vous envie ! Notre conseil du jour : quel que soit le domaine, ne refusez pas l'aide que l'on vous propose, vous gagnerez du temps. Horoscope Scorpion En Amour, les amours discrètes n'ont rien à craindre pour l'instant. Mais cette situation ne pourra pas durer éternellement. Préparez le terrain si des changements devaient survenir ; mieux vaux prévenir que guérir, dit le dicton. Célibataire, malgré votre charme, ce n'est pas aujourd'hui que Cupidon vous décochera une de ses flèches. Côté argent et travail, prêtez attention à d'éventuelles discussions concernant une indemnisation ou des bénéfices. Soyez vigilant si vous ne voulez pas que des affaires profitables vous passent sous le nez et ne reportez pas à demain ce qu'objectivement vous pouvez faire aujourd'hui. Niveau humeur, la journée vous paraîtra trop longue. Du côté de la santé, vous vous sentirez en pleine forme physique et morale et vous serez impatient de terminer votre travail pour pouvoir mettre à profit votre belle énergie pour des choses qui vous tiennent vraiment à cœur. Notre conseil pour votre journée: mettez une touche de couleur dans vos tenues, ne jouez pas les passe murailles. Cela ne vous va pas. Horoscope Sagittaire A propos de l'humeur, l'horizon est bien dégagé. Niveau amour, l'ambiance de votre vie affective évolue. Vous vous sentez de mieux en mieux dans votre peau. Aujourd'hui votre bonne humeur sera communicative. Votre vie de couple est à l'heure est à la complicité et de la tendresse. Les projets ne manquent pas mais il est encore un peu tôt pour les mettre en route. Célibataire, on remarquera votre joie de vivre et votre dynamisme. Vous n'aurez pas besoin de chercher à plaire, cela se fera naturellement. En ce qui concerne l'argent et le travail, votre mémoire vous sera d'un grand secours aujourd'hui. Elle vous évitera de perdre un temps précieux en recherches inutiles. Vous aurez des idées porteuses et il faudra prendre le temps de les étudier. Vous aurez une plus grande liberté d'action aujourd'hui ce qui vous autorisera à vous lancer dans une nouvelle direction. Votre budget est stable et l'état de vos finances ne vous inquiète pas même si vous ne roulez pas sur l'or. Niveau santé, il y a des risques de migraines en cours de journée. Vous avez besoin de grand air. Les jours grandissent de plus en plus et vous allez pouvoir profiter de ces quelques minutes de lumière en plus pour faire de la marche ou du sport en extérieur. Cela sera bénéfique aussi bien pour votre forme physique que morale. Notre conseil pour votre journée: prenez le temps de mettre vos atouts en valeur, ne négligez pas votre apparence. Horoscope Capricorne En ce qui concerne l'argent et le travail, pourquoi se contenter de peu quand on peut avoir mieux ? Vous avez décidé d'approfondir vos connaissances. Une nouvelle formation dans un secteur différent du vôtre pourrait combler vos attentes. A propos de l'humeur, journée chargée mais stimulante. Niveau santé, risque élevé de céphalées. Niveau amour, vous avez besoin de passer de bons moments avec votre partenaire et rêvez de vacances en amoureux... Sous le soleil de Mexico, sur une plage abandonnée ou tout simplement dans une cabane au fond d'un jardin, vous voulez profiter des petits plaisirs de la vie à deux. Notre conseil du jour : vous avez beaucoup de projets en tête, il serait peut-être temps de faire un choix. Horoscope Verseau A propos de la santé, vous pourriez ressentir une baisse de tonus, qui ne devrait pas porter à conséquence. Une bonne nuit de sommeil vous rendra toute votre énergie. Vous êtes en bonne forme et il faut penser à l'entretenir. Ne faites pas d'excès. A propos de l'humeur, gare aux imprudences ! Concernant l'amour, vous passerez de très bons moments avec votre partenaire pourtant votre besoin d'indépendance ne s'accordera pas forcément avec les contraintes de la vie à deux. Célibataire, vous risquez d'avoir des difficultés à trouver un juste équilibre dans votre vie amoureuse. Un choix va s'imposer. Côté argent et travail, vous serez bien décidé à atteindre au plus vite les objectifs que l'on vous a fixés. Toutefois, ne cherchez pas à brûler les étapes, faites les choses dans l'ordre. Vous travaillerez dans des conditions plus agréables que d'ordinaire et vous pourriez même recevoir une prime dans les jours qui viennent. Notre conseil du jour : perdez l'habitude de réagir vivement à tout ce que vous considérez comme une atteinte à votre liberté. Horoscope Poissons Concernant l'amour, plaisir et bien-être seront au rendez-vous. Si on ne peut pas parler de folle passion, surtout si vous êtes en couple depuis longtemps, ces quelques moments en amoureux auront un effet très positif sur votre relation. En ce qui concerne l'argent et le travail, de nouvelles responsabilités pourraient vous être confiées. Vous aurez enfin l'occasion de mettre à profit l'ensemble de vos connaissances. Vous verrez de façon positive cette opportunité de vous mettre en avant et vous avancerez sans crainte. Côté humeur, satisfactions personnelles. Concernant la santé, vous avez une bonne hygiène dentaire. Notre conseil pour votre journée: accordez-vous du temps pour prendre soin de vous, de votre corps. Faites un sauna ou allez au hammam.
  4. The Chevrolet Equinox receives various minor changes and updates for the 2020 model year in order to stay competitive in its tight segment. The updates come after the Equinox was completely overhauled for the 2018 model year and receiving notable changes for 2019 (see info on 2019 Equinox). Changes, Updates, New Features Exterior: Deletion of seven exterior color options Addition of three exterior color options Deletion of outside heated power-adjustable, manual-folding body-color mirrors with turn signal indicators Interior: Addition of Jet Black perforated leather-appointed seating option Deletion of Leather-wrapped shift lever Mechanical: Deletion of turbodiesel 1.6L LH7 inline four-cylinder engine option Packages: Addition of Midnight Edition / Sport Edition Deletion of LT Appearance Package Deletion of Lights and Bright Package Deletion of Sun & Navigation Package and Sun, Sound & Navigation Package Safety: Addition of new standard safety features, including: Automatic Emergency Braking (UHY) Forward Collision Alert (UEU) Following Distance Indicator (UE4) Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning (UHX) Forward Automatic Braking (UKJ) IntelliBeam headlamps (TQ5)
  5. A 9-year-old girl died this week when three dogs attacked her in an alley behind her house. Police say the owner of the dogs was arrested. It's a reminder that dog attacks do happen, and although rare, they can be fatal. From 2005 to 2018, 471 Americans suffered death due to a dog bite injury, according to DogsBite.org, a national dog bite victims' group. The group found that 66% of those fatalities were caused by pit bulls. But Marjie Alonso, a professional dog trainer and executive director of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABCT), says one breed isn’t more aggressive than another. She says one study found that golden retrievers were responsible for more bites on children than any other breed. “We could then easily say, ‘Well, golden retrievers are dangerous,’ and that’s not true,” she says. So what causes dogs to become aggressive? “What we can observe is that dogs that are highly aroused in terms of excitation, in terms of prey drive [or] in terms of protection will then kind of ramp up and the switch just flips and that's when dogs are really dangerous, especially in groups," Alonso says. She says dogs tend to feed off each other's excitement. “I don't know if you ever been to a concert and you see large groups of people lose their minds — that happens with dogs too,” she says. Alonso says the first safety step is making sure you take preventive measures within your neighborhood. “This is a community issue. Get to know your neighbors if you can. Talk to delivery people. See if there are places that they know that there are problematic dogs. Your animal control officer is your friend,” she says. “And then we should avoid things if we can, even if it's not fair. If you can't walk by that house because this dog is always barking and it bugs you, don't walk by that house.” If a dog is quickly approaching you, there’s two things you can do. First, Alonso suggests standing still, looking down and breaking eye contact — but only if you’re able to keep from screaming. Another method is standing your ground and walking directly toward the dog. She says this shows the canine that you’re nothing to chase and your presence is threatening to the advances If a dog is actively attacking you, then the main objective should be keeping yourself, your loved one or your pet alive. You might have to get physical or use a citronella spray against an aggressive dog in order to be safe. “Don't worry about the other dog even though that's very hard,” she says. Tips For Avoiding Dog Attacks If an off-leash dog approaches you on a walk: Call out to the owner. “Come get your dog, mine is contagious!” often works. Remove visual stimulus, get something between you (umbrella, car, garbage pail, blanket, etc.). Try firmly telling the approaching dog a familiar cue, such as “sit” or “stay.” Toss a large handful of treats on top of their head to startle them. The bigger the “treat bomb,” the more time you have to walk away. If there is a dragging leash you can grab, loop the leash around an object like a fence or pole, and pull on the handle. Do not put your face near the dog’s face while doing so. If a frightening off-leash dog approaches, do not: Scream Run Flail limbs Panic Make eye contact Jump up and down If a frightening off-leash dog approaches, do: Stay as calm as you can. Use a firm voice. This isn’t to “assert dominance,” but to maintain as much control of yourself and the situation as possible, and to make any commands or cues you give the dog as understandable as possible. Stand or stay upright. Stay quiet and don’t scream. Get on top of something. Feed something to the dog by throwing the food away from yourself. Back into a corner or against a wall so dog cannot get behind you. If you have a stroller and can’t get away, yell at the dog, throw everything you have at him, from your shoes to toys to your diaper bag to distract them so you can get some space. If a dog attacks: Keep your hands and arms in front of your body to protect them. Don’t put your hand near the fighting or attacking dogs’ mouths, or touch the dogs where they could easily turn around and bite you. Do not grab collars. If the dog bites you and isn’t letting go, move your arm or body part into the dog’s mouth, rather than trying to pull it out. This will prevent more damage to you through tearing. Keep the dog from shaking its head or your body if they do not release. Children should curl themselves into as tight a ball as possible and be as still as possible. As hard as it is, teach children to not squeal or cry if at all possible - that only increases the excitement of the attacking dog. If the very worst is happening, curl yourself over your child. If the dog attacks your dog, do not put any part of your body between the two dogs. Find objects to put in between the two dogs (chair, umbrella, garbage can lid, etc.). Picking up your small dog is likely to cause the attacking dog to jump up on you, potentially causing you harm. Not picking up your small dog is likely to increase the danger and harm to your dog. You’ll have to decide, given the situation, which is wiser in the moment. If you do pick up your dog, don’t swing them back and forth facing the attacking dog. Try to place your dog between a barrier of some kind and yourself. Lean into a wall or even toss your dog into a fenced area if need be. Be aware that the attacking dog might be able to jump that fence. Do not kick or punch the dog if at all possible (that might escalate in their arousal). Once the attack is over, immediately get yourself, your dog or your child away. Don’t turn around, try to get further control of the situation, or try to find the owner. Just go.
  6. Novak Djokovic on Tuesday said he was "deeply sorry" after becoming the fourth tennis player to test positive for coronavirus following an exhibition tournament he hosted in the Balkans, admitting he and organisers "were wrong" to go ahead with the event. The final leg of the Adria Tour in Bosnia has been cancelled and serious questions are being raised about the sport's planned official return in August. Djokovic, who was not showing any symptoms, joined fellow players Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki in testing positive for COVID-19 during the second leg of the event where social distancing was minimal, players were filmed dancing bare-top in a nightclub and embracing each other over the net. World number one Djokovic said his wife Jelena also tested positive while the results of their children were negative. "I am so deeply sorry our tournament has caused harm," the 33-year-old Serb, who has said he would be against a compulsory coronavirus vaccination if it became a requirement for tennis players to travel to tournaments, wrote on Twitter. "We believed the tournament met all health protocols and the health of our region seemed in good condition to finally unite people for philanthropic reasons," the 17-time Grand Slam winner said, adding that he would now go into self-isolation for the next 14 days. Bulgaria's Dimitrov, the world number 19, announced on Sunday he had tested positive after pulling out of the event, the biggest since the tennis season was halted because of a pandemic that has killed over 470,000 people worldwide since it surfaced in China late last year. Croatia's Coric and Troicki of Serbia followed suit on Monday, revealing they also had tested positive. The final in the Croatian coastal town of Zadar was also cancelled Sunday. The outbreak raises the question on how the ATP and WTA can best manage the restart of their tours scheduled for August. It has already been established that the US Open in New York will be played behind closed doors and under strict health protocols which Djokovic, to much criticism, described as "extreme" and "impossible". "Yikes... this is not good and it's a pattern..." tweeted female tennis legend Martina Navratilova after news of Djokovic's positive test. "Hope Novak will be ok of course! What now, US Open? Roland Garros? We have a lot of work to do..." The ATP, while wishing those infected a swift recovery, said Tuesday that it and other stakeholders had "made exhaustive plans to mitigate risks through a variety of precautions and protocols to be implemented at ATP events". "We continue to plan and adjust these precautions and protocols according to latest medical information and prioritise safety in assessing every decision. The cancellation of the Serbian star's Adria Tour has come on the back of a number of gaffes for Djokovic, who is the president of the ATP Player Council. First criticised for breaking lockdown rules to train in Spain, he then invited derision for insisting emotions can change the quality of water while almost simultaneously insisting that he would not be prepared to vaccinate against coronavirus. The Adria Tour's first stop had been played out to a daily crowd of 4,000 fans at Djokovic's tennis centre on the banks of the Danube in Belgrade last week, while a similar crowd attended the Zadar event. Feliks Lukas, director of the WTA Croatia Bol Open, had warned against "incredibly bad" organisation in Zadar. And local media reported that social distancing measures were respected by neither fans nor players in either venue. Djokovic was pictured playing basketball with Dimitrov and also embracing other players in the tournament. Djokovic and other players including Belgrade winner Dominic Thiem were also seen partying at a packed night spot in the Serbian capital. Thiem has since travelled to the south of France to play in another exhibition tournament in Nice, where his test came back negative. Commenting on social distancing measures during the Belgrade leg, Djokovic argued that both Serbia and the region had been relatively successful in containing the virus. But the Adria Tour had already suffered an embarrassing setback when the planned Montenegro leg of the four-nation tournament was cancelled when it became apparent Serbia's health requirements did not match up to those of Montenegro. Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios called it a "boneheaded decision to go ahead with the 'exhibition'", while Britain's Andy Murray called it "a lesson for all of us".
  7. Turkish foreign policy has recently taken a hawkish turn in the Middle East and North Africa. From a diplomatic row with NATO ally France over a Libyan arms embargo to the deployment of special forces in northern Iraq, Ankara seems newly willing to challenge allies and enemies alike in its pursuit of a larger role on the world stage. Even by the standards of recent years, June 2020 was a very active month in Turkish foreign policy. It quickly became clear that Turkey’s military and technological support for the UN-recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya had given it the upper hand in its struggle against rebel commander Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army. Chaos had reigned in Libya since the overthrow of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Haftar launched a bold offensive on the capital Tripoli in April 2019 with the backing of Russia, Egypt and the UAE. While France officially supports the internationally recognised government in Tripoli, Paris has been accused of supporting Haftar politically, having previously given him military assistance to fight Islamist militants. Ankara demonstrated its growing confidence in its Libyan strategy on June 20, when it demanded that Haftar’s forces pull out of Sirte, a pivotal city linking the east and west of Libya – before lambasting NATO ally France, accusing it of “jeopardising” the Western alliance’s security by supporting Haftar’s forces. Franco-Turkish relations soured further the following week, when French President Emmanuel Macron told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he was playing a “dangerous game” in sending arms, aerial support and allied fighters from Syria to boost the GNA – warning that France “won’t tolerate” such actions. But Turkey’s support – with the provision of drones proving particularly effective – eventually shifted the dynamic in the GNA’s favour. “Libya is part of a bunch of interlinking stories,” said Howard Eissenstat, a Turkey specialist, associate professor at St. Lawrence University and senior non-resident fellow at the Project on Middle Eastern Democracy. “Turkey clearly sees itself as being able to play a larger role on the world stage; it sees its Western allies as not necessarily supporting of that, and has been willing to play hardball to assert what it sees as its national interest.” “From a Turkish standpoint, this represents a role that it has much right to as any other state, and which it has the capacity to play,” Eissenstat continued. Turkey wants to “fortify its position as a regional power and increase its geopolitical footprint in the Middle East and North Africa region”, added Ozgur Unluhisarcikli, director of the German Marshall Fund’s Ankara bureau. “This in turn leads to geopolitical competition with some countries, as is the case with France.” Ankara’s relations with its NATO allies hit another low on June 10, when Turkish naval boats conducted radar-targeting – indicating that a missile strike may be incoming – on a French warship trying to approach a Turkish civilian ship suspected of contravening a NATO arms embargo on Libya. According to a French defence official, the Courbet frigate was “lit up” three times by Turkish radar. France called for NATO allies to discuss Turkey’s “aggressive” role in Libya a few days later. NATO subsequently launched an investigation into the incident. Animosity between Ankara and Paris intensified on July 1, when France announced that it was suspending its involvement in NATO’s Sea Guardian operation in the Mediterranean enforcing the Libyan arms embargo. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has dismissed France’s claims and demanded an apology from France for “anti-Turkish actions”, alleging that France “has not told the truth to the EU or NATO”. EU foreign ministers will meet at France’s request to discuss relations with Turkey on July 13. Adding the intrigue of espionage to the diplomatic slanging match, Ankara’s ambassador to France on Thursday confirmed reports that four Turkish nationals had been arrested for spying for the French foreign intelligence agency, the DGSE (Direction générale de la Sécurité extérieure). Turkey’s successful backing of Libya’s GNA may be Ankara’s most surprising geopolitical win recently. But Erdogan’s government also surprised many observers in June with an unprecedented deployment in northern Iraq against Kurdish forces. Since 1984, Kurdish militant group the PKK – considered a terrorist organisation by Turkey as well as the EU, UK and US – has waged a series of armed rebellions against the Turkish state. Like his Kemalist predecessors and antagonists, Erdogan sees the PKK as an existential threat to Turkey’s territorial integrity. This motivated the Turkish military’s first-ever deployment of ground forces on Iraqi soil on June 17, attacking PKK targets in the country’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region. Accusing the Baghdad government and Kurdish executive of failing to deal with PKK fighters – who allegedly use the area as a base for attacks on Turkey – Ankara sent in commando forces alongside warplanes, attack helicopters and drones after an intense artillery bombardment. The Turkish military has been emboldened by its improved technological capabilities, Unluhisarcikli suggested: “These campaigns have become more proactive and effective thanks to the new abilities the Turkish army has gained, particularly with the use of armed drones.” Yet Syria – where Ankara has given support to its allies since the civil war started in 2011 – remains the theatre in which Turkey is best known for striking Kurdish forces. Upon starting its direct military involvement there in 2016, Turkey launched the first in a series of attacks on the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – a Kurdish group that allied with Western powers in the fight against the Islamic State group but which Ankara says is tied to the PKK. Turkey’s latest and most audacious Syrian offensive was a victorious October 2019 campaign that saw its military carve out a 20-mile-deep “safe zone” seized from the SDF along the border – much to the chagrin of European powers. Turkey said it was creating an area for some of the 3.6 million Syrian refugees in the country, but critics accused Ankara of ethnic cleansing as tens of thousands of Kurdish civilians fled their homes. Erdogan responded to European indignation by holding a sword of Damocles over the continent’s head. After a chorus of protestations from the old continent decrying the offensive – including Macron’s demand that Ankara “put a stop to it as soon as possible” – the Turkish president said on October 10: “Hey EU, wake up. I say it again: If you try to frame our operation as an invasion, our task is simple – we will open the doors and send 3.6 million migrants to you.” Analysts noted at the time that Erdogan’s reaction exemplified the lack of leverage the EU has over Turkey. Macron expressed his exasperation with Erdogan the same day: When a reporter asked him for his views on the Turkish president’s menacing rhetoric, he said he had “nothing more” to add to his previous comments.
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  9. Name: Deadpool Directors(optional for series): Tim Miller Film Duration(optional for series): - Release year: 2016 Description: Development of a Deadpool film starring Reynolds began in February 2004, before he went on to play the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009. Reese and Wernick were hired for a spinoff in 2010. They worked with Reynolds to adapt the character more Genre: Action Trailer:
  10. Bélier Ne brûlez pas les étapes, 1er décan, d'ailleurs quelque chose vous en empêche : vous avez probablement compris que votre intérêt est de faire les choses dans l'ordre. Ce n'est pas fréquent chez vous, qui allez toujours plus vite que la musique, mais il se trouve que si Mars vous pousse à accélérer, son bon aspect avec Saturne tient toujours et il vous rappelle à la raison, c'est-à-dire à prendre du recul et à réfléchir sagement. Taureau Né après le 10 mai, vous êtes gâté par le ciel, même si les planètes sont rétrogrades et peu actives, ce sera du gâteau quand elles reprendront du service en septembre. Certes, il y aura des ratés d'une manière générale, mais cela ne vous touchera pas vraiment et on peut même penser que vous en tirerez du profit, surtout si vous êtes né autour du 15 mai. Vous vous sentirez en position de force. Gémeaux Une offre est toujours sur la table pour les natifs du mois de mai, il se peut que vous ayez hésité, mais il est temps de prendre votre décision, avant le 11 si possible. Quel que soit le choix que vous ferez ce sera le bon, étant donné que les planètes sociales (Jupiter et Saturne, surtout) vont former à terme de bons aspects avec vous et vous le constaterez en fin d'année où l'enthousiasme régnera pour le tout début du signe. Cancer Mercure revient dans votre 1er décan où elle va rester jusqu'au 22. Vous n'en serez satisfait qu'à partir du 12, vous obtiendrez alors les réponses que vous attendez. Ou des documents. Mais il se peut aussi que vous puissiez enfin vous déplacer après le 12, qu'il n'y ait plus aucune restriction... Le problème c'est que Mercure entamera une dissonance avec Mars en fin de semaine et que vous risquez de vous engueuler avec un proche. Lion C'est difficile à supporter pour votre signe, l'impression qu'on profite de vous, qu'on vous utilise. C'est ce que risque de ressentir le 1er décan pendant quelques jours. Cela dit, vous recevez de bons influx de Vénus et de Mars qui compensent, aussi celui ou celle qui exagère en prendra pour son grade. Il se peut aussi que ce soit lié à l'un de vos enfants adolescents qui a tellement changé que vous ne le reconnaissez plus. Vierge Les projets ou les espoirs qui sont en préparation ne resteront pas dans un tiroir, 1er décan né fin août, début septembre. Vous devriez d'ailleurs en avoir des nouvelles. Le problème c'est qu'ils sont freinés en ce moment, Mercure est rétrograde jusqu'au 12 et quelqu'un n'est pas au diapason, ou n'est pas d'accord avec ce que vous proposez. Et s'il s'agit d'un travail en équipe, il se peut que quelqu'un ne fasse pas l'affaire. Balance Vous ne serez pas d'accord avec un partenaire, professionnel ou affectif. Ça va durer quelques jours où vous allez bouder et où l'autre vous poussera à bout. Du banal me direz-vous, oui mais dans le contexte actuel où certains natifs du 1er décan ont des responsabilités, parfois du travail par-dessus la tête, cela tombe mal. Il y aura un moment où vous ne pourrez pas éviter l'affrontement. Scorpion Une bonne journée, notamment pour le 3ème décan. Vous constaterez qu'on vous fait encore une fois confiance, vous avez probablement un gros dossier entre les mains. Un travail peut-être qu'on vous a donné à vous alors que d'autres l'auraient bien voulu : ça peut évidemment déclencher des jalousies car ce n'est pas la première fois cette année que cela se produit. Et vous pouvez vous faire confiance pour réussir. Sagittaire 3ème décan, vous avez un problème. Il vous paraît être sans issue car il concerne une somme qu'on vous réclame depuis des lustres et que vous refusez de payer. La justice a pu passer par là, mais même si elle a été en votre faveur il y a une somme qui reste due et vous vous entêtez à ne pas vouloir payer. Cela concerne surtout ceux qui sont nés autour du 16 décembre ou qui ont l'ascendant en Sagittaire. Capricorne Né en décembre, vous retrouvez Mercure face à vous et, probablement une négociation qui traîne depuis juin et sur laquelle vous n'arrivez pas à vous mettre d'accord. Il y a vraisemblablement une question d'argent à débattre et vous ne voulez pas lâcher prise, l'autre non plus. Apparemment, ça va rester un problème pour les natifs de décembre jusqu'au 12 juillet. Dès le 13, Mercure sera directe et facilitera les échanges. Verseau Une proposition aussi intéressante qu'imprévue peut vous être faite, natif de fin janvier. Le problème étant qu'il faut peut-être lâcher la proie pour l'ombre, comme on dit. C'est-à-dire que vous n'avez aucune assurance que ce qui est sur la table se réalisera comme prévu. Mais, en général (sauf si Saturne domine dans votre thème) vous n'êtes pas contre les expériences nouvelles, contre les accélérations imprévues. Poissons De beaux aspects réunissent le Soleil, Mercure et Uranus. Une promesse, un projet, une agréable perspective, tout ce que vous attendez sera faisable après le 12 juillet. Ce sont surtout ceux nés fin février, début mars qui reçoivent ces bons influx et tout le signe pourrait en avoir des échos, mais d'une manière plus atténuée. Un petit imprévu dans la journée par exemple, une rencontre inattendue...
  11. When I set out to write about unconventional educators, the first person on my wish list was Adam Savage. Savage and his partner Jamie Hyneman make up the Discovery Channel team known as the Mythbusters. In more than 205 episodes, Savage and Hyneman have subjected nearly 1,000 cultural legends, historical myths, and internet rumors to the crucible of the scientific method. And my 11-year-old son Finn has watched each and every one. Every episode of Mythbusters begins with a question: Can eating pop rocks and soda cause your stomach to explode? Is running better than walking for keeping dry in the rain? Can you bounce a laser off the moon? Can an unamplified human voice shatter a wine glass? Sign up for The Atlantic’s daily newsletter. Each weekday evening, get an overview of the day's biggest news, along with fascinating ideas, images, and voices. Email Address (required) Enter your email Sign Up Thanks for signing up! As Savage and Hyneman explore these questions, they dive deep into the background knowledge required to understand the problem at hand. Consequently, they have taught my sons physics, geometry, chemistry, astronomy, biology, and history. While I appreciate the academic knowledge they have imparted, the most valuable lessons Savage and Hyneman have given Finn are on the nature of wonder. Savage and Hyneman kindle his sense of wonder about the cool stuff that exists out in the world and give him the impetus to wonder how it works. MORE STORIES What Teachers Can Learn From Vsauce's YouTube Show A collage illustration of children working at desks, with images of braille behind them, in the screen of an iPhone The Pandemic Is a Crisis for Students With Special Needs FAITH HILL What Teachers Need to Make Remote Schooling Work KRISTINA RIZGA The Mythbusters are based in San Francisco, but they recently toured Australia, Canada, and the U.S. for a Behind the Myths Tour, a live show dedicated to their passion for scientific inquiry, play, and bone-rattling explosions. I sat down with the 47-year-old Savage in his tour bus before a show in Worcester, Massachusetts. Despite a grueling tour schedule, Savage greeted me (and a glowing, beaming Finn) with a warm welcome. He's the affable, verbose, and hyperactive half of the Mythbusters team — but what does not translate on-screen is his quiet thoughtfulness. Savage listened carefully and paused for long stretches of time to run his fingers through his ginger hair as he answered my questions about the ingredients in the mythbusters ’special sauce: experimentation as narrative, failure as opportunity, and learning as play. I asked Savage to explain how he and Hyneman have succeeded at entertaining and educating their fans since the show launched more than a decade ago. Look, we never set out to make something that was educational. That was not on the list of things we were thinking about. But I do know that kids don’t like being talked down to; they’re just opening a door and watching something happen, and there’s nothing more thrilling than that. If we teach them something, that’s great, but I’m with Rilke; I think it’s best to remain ignorant of your best qualities. He went on to explain to me that everything that happens on Mythbusters — the direction of the filming, the narrative arc of the episode, the specifically of the cast and crew — are all subject to the unpredictability of the experiments at the heart of the show . Fidelity to that goal, he said, is what differentiates Mythbusters from other shows that have tried — and failed — to package education as entertainment. Usually, we know what the last experiment in the story is going to be, and then we build towards it. Sometimes, building towards it doesn’t go as intended, so we change direction. The experiment takes precedence over the filming. I’m equally interested in the rigor of the experiment and the overarching story it fits into, and balancing these two things is both the most tiring and most fun part of doing the show. The Mythbusters have a wide array of cool gadgets at their disposal at M5, their television studio and workshop. Savage and Hyneman have, according to the show's introduction, “30 years of special-effects experience,” and they need every bit of that experience to build the robots, remote-control cars, human-analog dummies, electrical circuits, physical sets, and other equipment they need to investigate myths. Part of the show's appeal for Finn is watching the Mythbusters use those resources to create something they need out of spare parts: a welding torch, some screws, and a two-by-four. Savage grew up making things. His parents encouraged his enthusiasm with their time, teaching, and resources — and he attributes much of his success to their early support and education. I asked Savage if he worries that fewer kids have the time and opportunity that he did to mess around with tools and learn how to make things with their hands. I’m not sure that there are fe
  12. 1. Protect That Ticket and Take Your Time First of all, protect your winning lottery ticket. Make paper copies, store digital copies, invest in a home safe or take the ticket to the bank to store it in a safe deposit box. Once you have your ticket secured, take your time to contact the lottery authorities. This is for several reasons, but primarily to allow the media hoopla of a big winner to die down and to give yourself time to breathe and plan for your soon-to-be new life. Most lotteries give winners up to 180 or 365 days to claim their prize, so taking a week off before claiming yours can do a lot for your mental state. 2. Don’t Quit Your Job Just Yet It’s what you have always dreamed of: quitting your job to retire to the islands with a cold tropical drink, right? But don’t make that decision too fast. You have financial planning to address and you want to be sure you didn’t mistake the numbers or the date on your “winning” lottery ticket. Just remember to keep your good fortune quiet at work too. A silent smile is all you need. Otherwise, word could get out before you’re ready and your boss may start looking for someone to replace you. 3. Hire Professionals You probably aren’t a tax attorney, a family planning attorney, or a licensed accountant. When you win a lottery jackpot, you need to surround yourself with professionals. Hire yourself a good attorney who is well-versed in financial issues, as well as a solid fee-based financial advisor and a CPA. When Claiming Your Prize You can receive your lottery winnings either as a “lump-sum” or as an annual payment spread out over 20 to 30 years. Lottery players used to have to choose between lump sum or long-term payments before paying for their ticket, but a law in 1998 changed it so you can select after you win. There are pros and cons to both choices, so consider each option carefully. After Claiming Your Prize OK, so you made the necessary arrangements before asking for your winnings and you decided how you want to be paid. Now what? Final Word Winning the lottery can be a dream come true, but only 1 in almost 200 million people actually win the Powerball lottery, for example. While those are some seriously stacked odds, the fact is that some people do eventually win and usually have no idea what to do afterwards. If you’ve won the lottery or know someone who has, consider the tips above. You’ll be familiar with what to do should your dream come true. If you’re looking to play the lottery, check out theLotter, an easy way to buy lottery tickets online from around the world.
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