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  1. ¤ Clan Name: The Guardians¤ Clan Leader (Link Gametracker): @[email protected] link¤ Clan Member #1 (Link Gametracker): @MCBRUDA Link ¤ Clan Member #2 (Link Gametracker): @hop lalach Link¤ Clan Member #3 (Link Gametracker): @splatt.- Link

    Banlist by MCBRUDA

    Nick:Wojownik-Faraona IP: SteamID : Time :9:40 Reason:First he got gagged for insulting admin and then rr.gag Proof (print/demo) :[ADMIN] estupido: gag Wojownik-Faraona for 6 minutes [* ADMINS *] DANGER : ye [* ADMINS *] estupido : done [ADMIN] estupido: ungag Wojownik-Faraona Palo killed Kalashinik0ff- with knife *DEAD* Newbie estupido : u are cool wojownik [* ADMINS *] AraGoN : why gag ? [* ADMINS *] estupido : insult [* ADMINS *] AraGoN : ok CyberSpacePublic dropped Server Pre-Managers: SIN R1 You are not allowed to use command on other admins only owners/co-owners can use it. Player Wojownik-Faraona from Poland has joined the game!

    Banlist by MCBRUDA

    MODEL Nick: IP: SteamID : Time : Reason: Proof (print/demo) :

    Admins birthday

    Your nickname:MCBRUDA Your real name:DENIS Your grade:CO-OWNER Your birthday:22/12/2002 Time Remaining till birthday:5 months

    [Accepted]Tag req

    * Your nickname:MCBRUDA * Your rank on server (slot, VIP or admin):CO-OWNER * The tag you want:[BRUH] * Have you ever had a tag before on our server:YES * Link with your hours spent (at least 20) :MANY HOURS * Do you want your tag to be inside square brackets?:YES


    Contra Make some good activity after a week or two and then we will see

    [Accepted] Admin

    Pro You were here before many admins
  8. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  9. Where is it in the rules that i cant buy a mod U cant reserve to buy a mod U are saying that i bought a mod before you could Waiting for the response of other managers and we will see who is right and who is wrong
  10. CONTRA Make some good activity after 2 weeks and request again

    Request Admin [Rejected]

    CONTRA You have just made a report this week and have been declined i only saw you playing this morning Make some activity then we will see
  12. Cant Will be at work during that time