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  1. cani-*

    banlist cani*

    ¤ Date / Time :now ¤ Nick: amir QA ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 60 min ¤ Reason: rrgag ¤ Proof
  2. Nick : Cani* Mention your friends : @linko @aRbi~ @Blackfire™ @Nikhel Nice @champagnepapi and all newlife player
  3. i will give u a pro / respect rules players and help players
  4. cani-*

    [rejected] Admin

    fix activity PRO
  5. i give u a chance but fix ur activity fast . PRO
  6. cani-*

    banlist cani*

    ¤ Date / Time :now ¤ Nick: inmortal ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 60 min ¤ Reason: rrzm ¤ Proof
  7. cani-*

    banlist cani*

    ¤ Date / Time :yesterday ¤ Nick: he have ip in his name ¤ IP: i dont know ¤ Time of ban: DESTROY ¤ Reason: he make marketing ¤ Proof:
  8. Maybe a new admin can disrespect u but blackfire can't disrespect u im not allowed to comment here but i have to do .Next time dont breake the rules , admins like blackfire never gag slay slap freeze destroy ban or anything without reason. so keep it play and be more carefuly for rules
  9. My nick : Cani* Mention friends: @linko @Blackfire @Dante ღ @Adyroiha2020 @Nyx. @KASAP!! @Elena Meow @axelxcapo
  10. cani-*

    Meeting in...

    I can't to be in meeting im in work
  11. cani-*

    Requesta admin [ACCEPTED]

    Pro for me . Lets Test this guy for one week as a helper
  12. i'll give u a chance PRO
  13. cani-*

    [Accepted] report gabi i dont want reports but i say to him dont ask he ask again
  14. ¤ Your name:cani* ¤ Claimed Admin name: GABI ¤ Date and time:now ¤ Reason of complaint:he ask for ammo i told him but he do it again in public chat ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):