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  1. its a wrong command but its not to much problem . Maybe he not know rules. in first time as a admin i used too. just tell one time to don't use again. if he use again go with some warning or suspend For this report i am Contra Owner: cani*
  2. i Cant to donwoload . Didnt work in my pc
  3. ¤ Nick: cani* ¤ Mention your friends: @linko @Eslam Em Hamza @Nyx. @axelxcapo @[email protected] And all my friends. Maybe this time im gona be lucky hhhh xD
  4. cani-*

    server problem

    @myCro admins removed and not in their grade
  5. cani-*

    server problem

    @Roselina ♣ flowers maybe you worked to fix?
  6. cani-*

    server problem

    someone has changed the name of srw
  7. cani-*

    server problem

    @linko @axelxcapo @Dante @Gerardo Larreal. @myCro @Roselina ♣ flowers Come and fix problem. i think a big problem here!!!!!!
  8. 2 fact for life
    if you get air , you have to live
    if you are not making sound,
    you are not talking
    if my aunt had balls, I would call her uncle
    1. Dante ღ

      Dante ღ

      Wow, best discovering ever
      Hell yeah, you have to be in NASA
      You are losing time being a simple member here
      Go away!!

  10. cani-*

    [Rejected] admin request

    Just verified he is real or no. If he is real PRO
  11. cani-*

    [Rejected] admin

    When a Manager joined Reject him Please , real $pirit is from Albania not from egypt
  12. cani-*

    [Rejected] admin

    i think someone want to steal pirit nick . i will talk with pirit in server when i see him . Dont accept as admin now , wait
  13. Fix ur activity and respect rules : PRO



CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60k members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world.

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