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  1. Harith

    [Harith's Story]

    1- Nickname : Harith 2- Type of story: (Tragedy/comedy/documentary/experience/Rebirth/kid): experience 3- The Story : My Idol When i was a kid , i'd like very much to play football, and always imagine that we are a famous player. As we know , 80-85% of kids have like idol Messi and Ronaldo,but i was different . I watched a player who is a really legend ,who is the best striker i think with the best goals. Can you guess who is? I give a little help: "So you think that I'm done. That my career will soon be over. You don't know me. All my life I had to fight. No one believ
  2. Harith

    [Harith's Story]

    1- Nickname : Harith 2- Type of story: (Tragedy/comedy/documentary/experience/Rebirth/kid): Experience 3- The Story : F*ck the police 2 years ago i started to learn to get my driving license. It not was very difficult ,but u should learn to earn it. In Romania, in the theoretical exam u should earn 22 point of 26 to be succesful the exam. I needed to go 3 times because first time i recieved 20, second time 21.... I was very angry about this but the third time i recieved it. The practice part was easy because i drived a lot without license before? *upss*. So after i got my drivi
  3. You need to select your friends,because the man who is your best friend ,can be easily your enemy. It happens this to me after 5 years of best frienship
  4. Harith

    [Blackfire Story]

    My opinion is to live your life until you go in an old age, the first 30 years in our life is the most beautifullest
  5. Harith

    [ Azrail's Story ]

    My next story will be with police, i'm actually not a bad person, but i hate police and police hate me. Select your friends next time, or go joint ,to not be effected xdd
  6. Harith

    [Harith's Story]

    1- Nickname : Harith 2- Type of story: (Tragedy/comedy/documentary/experience/Rebirth/kid): Personal Experience 3- The Story : A broken dream When i was a child,4-5 years old , i got my first computer. I was very happy to have it ,because in Romania at that time a computer was a luxury. The first thing, what every child do, to watch for games to download it, and to play 24/24. My very first game was Counter Strike 1.6. I fell in love . Now i have 16 years of CS behind me , and after 2-3 years practicing this game ,i had a dream to became a
  7. Nickname: Harith Age: 20 Link with your forum profile: Gives us some Contact methods: Tibi Ross (Facebook); How well you speak english?: I have a cambridge exam,so very well xd Do you use TS3? you have a mic?: Sure Where do you want to moderate? Check this topic: I can moderate everywhere Link with your last Request: First request Others Infos?: I want to make reptation on forum , to join in any projects, to help the forum evolve
  8. That's true my friend, and not only admins, exist 1 owner who is worst then them .
  9. ¤ Your name: Harith ¤ Claimed Admin name: S.ParDik! ¤ Date and time: 12/07/2020 , 14:09 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo): , ¤ Reason of complaint: First of all i want to respond for this topic @NE0- or @The GodFather not Ezel,and i have reason for why i say this. In picture u cans see that i got banned for reason i say for a kid , "kid", but kid is not an insult in any language , and pardik clearly is a f*cking kid , with his 13 years. And when he didn't consider himself a kid why was this reaction? Only kid
  10. Harith

    [Closed]Report Admin -

    I Support this , admins under 18 years old need to be removed, but when i see, some "adults" are same....i dont give names ,but the bigger part knows what i mean. I know drenk from long time ago, and he never do anything wrong, and he got banned for no reason . It's very sad what happen in this server but i recommand that @NE0- think about the staff , bcz we gonna fly in death with the server if we continue in this way. Cheers.
  11. ¤ Your Nickname: Harith ¤ Your Address Skype, Steam: ¤ Age (You must have or higher than 13 years): 20 ¤ Languages That You Can Speak: hungarian,romanian,englis, little bit arabic from server:)) ¤ Your Location: Romania ¤ Experience As Admin: Semi - elder in this server ¤ Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (22:00 To 12:00 PM): every time i stayed ¤ Link Of Hours You Played On Server ( Click Here You Must Write Your Nickname): ¤ Reason That Y
  12. I tried 3 type of cs,but not working.
  13. Harith


    Your nick: Harith Your ip ( : Your STEAMID: 484 STEAM_1:1:122640046 The reason you have been banned: i really don't know what happened The admin who banned you: i think i was not banned The time: 14:04 23/06/2020 Your proofs (screenshot of your console): "Hello @Harith,you are probably destroyed/banned on that server.To solve that issue contact one of server managers or post a unban_request ." I get this on my post in F.A.Q is it possible that someone destroy me? I can't join the server ,reason "server not responding" but the server is
  14. Hi guys! i need some help, for some reason i can't join the server, in F.A.Q i asked about this, but i hope also can someone help here , when i want to join says "server not responding" and the server is active and a lot of players play on. I try to reinstall cs , to turn off/back the pc but nothing. Thanks! Cheers!



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