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  1. ★ Nickname(must be the same on forum and server): Th3 J0K3R ★ Skype/Steam:no ★ Age:19 ★ Your Country:palestine ★ Admin experience:manger ★ You can donate?:yes i can ★ Can you spectate in night [Yes/No]:yes ★ Why you want to be admin in HighLifeZm: afk and make activety ★ Other information:i read rules and i know rules
  2. ¤ Su apodo (igual que en el foro): Th3 J0K3R ¤ Su dirección Skype, facebook: ¤ Edad:19 ¤ Idiomas que puede hablar: English and Arbic ¤ Su ubicación: palestine gaza ¤ Experiencia como administrador (último enlace GT del servidor): Elder ¤ ¿Puede permanecer espectador o jugar entre Estas horas (24:00 a 12:00 PM): yes i have best activety ¤ Enlace de las horas que jugó en el servidor ( Haga clic aquí Debe escribir su apodo) - im new try my activety (Elder) 7 days and see ¤ Razón por la que desea ser administrador: I have good
  3. good morning all

  4. hi bro welcome back i miss you

    1. Th3 J0K3R

      Th3 J0K3R

      really i miss you

  5. Th3 J0K3R

    1. Th3 J0K3R
    2. Ozial


      ادريد ادمن على سيفر تبعي

  6. welcome to my profil

  7. الجميع يزوروا بروفايلي

  8. 1. Nick: Th3 J0K3R 2. Age: 19 3. How much time you spent on PC?: 10-12 h 4. How much time you are online on TS3?: 6 - 10 h 5. Which games do you play?: CS 1.6. 6. How many hours you play in the games noted above?: 1293h CS.16 7. Gives us some links and photos of your profiles[steam, blizzard, in-game profile with statistics]: - 8. What do you wish from us?: - 9. Have you checked out the Rules?: Yes 10. Last 5 topics that you made on our section: -
  9. good morning all 

    1. Pro Mr.[DeViL]
    2. Mr.K1LL3R


      Good Morning



  10. صباح الخير جميعا

  11. Nickname:Th3 J0K3R Tag Your Friends: @Loenex @XZoro™ @rlex @Islem- @-Dark™ @Predator- Shared The Post On Your Profile?:yes Requested For Free VIP Offer? :yes Other:Good Luck and XD *_*
  12. go read rules XD



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