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    1. im say remove my admin in street zm and i want to leave the server
    2. ¤ Nickname : Th3 J0K3R ¤ Age (at least 14 years): 19 ¤ Reason that you want to be admin in Zmoldschool: playe and help players ¤ Other information: i read rules and i have good activety
    3. If injustice was like this, I do not need admin and i dont cry for admin but you can remove me admin If my activity is bad Watch what happens and judge for yourself

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      2. Hun^Ter


        i dont need admin


      3. Polito-zero


        Here activity @Hun^Ter 


      4. #Steeven.™



        @Hun^Ter Avoid commenting and posting unnecessary things, try to read the forum rules, otherwise you will be given your respective sanction.


    4. bro ROVEN rejpict my request and downger me to sami_elder and he say my activety is bad go see J0K3R/

      1. axelxcapo


        You are right, your activity is too low for the rank you have, try to improve your activity and you will be returned to your rank again

      2. Hun^Ter


        but why downger im play 6 _7 houres in days

    5. Hun^Ter

      [Rejected] upgrade

      ♦ Nickname: Th3 J0K3R ♦ Age:19 ♦ Your current grade:Eldr ♦ The grade you want: manger ♦ GameTracker link: J0K3R/ ♦ Experience as a Admin:4_5years ♦ Other information: nothing
    6. Hun^Ter


      ¤ Your Nick :Th3 J0K3R ¤ Nick reported Admin :rlex ¤ Reason of complaint ; he made 3 kick for player becouse he need ammo ....he can help he or make he gag but he breack rules ¤ Date/Time of the incident :now ¤ Proof to back-up your complaint (demo/screenshot) :
    7. all give me heart


    8. Welcome to PALISTINE

    9. hi how are you all 

    10. Hun^Ter


      ¤ Your Nick :Th3 J0K3R ¤ Nick reported Admin :PredatoR. ¤ Reason of complaint :he make mod nemesis and all blocker he so he going spec ¤ Date/Time of the incident :now ¤ Proof to back-up your complaint (demo/screenshot) :
    11. Ineed photo GIF who can help me 

    12. follow me bro

      1. N I N J A x)

        N I N J A x)

        @ROVEN 9olo nchalh brebi😂😉

      2. ROVEN


        rayhin yga3roli rassi



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