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  1. udin


    even though the legal error persists the WKB admin must get 1x warning in the forum
  2. udin


    I just bought nemesis and I just killed a few people and then the WKB admin suddenly slayed me without a clear reason and I didn't commit any violations and the admin wasn't allowed to slay if the player was innocent
  3. udin


    ¤ Your name:Savage ¤ Claimed Admin name:WKB ¤ Date and time:10 minutes ago ¤ Reason of complaint:he killed me when I bought mod nemesis even though I did not commit any violations against this player so unfair to me and I once had a position on another server this is a serious thing for me to warn administrators so as not to arbitrarily use access to players who do not guilty ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):https://imgur.com/a/17FfKFx
  4. good bay 

  5. ¤ Your name:KonToL ¤ Claimed Admin name:Mono'O ¤ Date and time:10 minutes ago ¤ Reason of complaint:he used the zp command in the first round and there was a hitler admin saw it and it was clear in the highlife rules that zp should not be used in the first 2 rounds ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):https://imgur.com/z7EC3X7
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  7. always active in night for make the good activity guys 🙂