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    Reading books ,writing stories and playing instruments
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  1. I dont understand it . Give what ? You need a dictionary. :V
  2. DANGER3120


    15 hrs of activity is not that bad . Everyone deserves a chance plus you know rules and are respectful. I would give a PRO for helper (test 1 week)
  3. Late intro... welcome gay..
  4. i think Imad is unaware of what hes doing . i regret to say but he doesnt deserve to be part of the team here.. pro for removal
  5. Everyone says welcome but in reality no one cares :V. so .. Welcome ..
  6. I can be present but please make the time 21:00 or 22:00 RO time.
  7. sorry for replying here but heres the link for the above ban : https://www.mediafire.com/file/3x9bq71bd5711mz/DEST.dem/file
  8. DANGER3120

    [Accepted] Request admin

    Pro . Highly active and respects rules. Good luck
  9. To the people who are not understanding the meaning of the first suggestion let me be clear again . In some rounds ,when the timer is nearing the end and the infection round is about to start , a player bought a human mod (sometime back) but the glitch was that the infection nade still appeared to a particular zm . In this case the guy who bought survivor was killed by the nade . It has happened to me too. I'm not asking to remove it . Introduce a delay in the appearance of the nade ,like 5 seconds after the round starts. That would be better and remove this glitch. Ps : this has happened to me too.
  10. 1. i think the first zm nade is glitched . players buy human mods at the last 3 seconds but still the nade appeared to to-be-first-zm . Either remove this feature completely or introduce a delay on the appearance of the nade .its a sv glitch which happens almost always. 2. the assassin vs sniper mod is too heavily favoured for the sniper. a sniper has half the hp of an assassin and does 20 times the damage.its quite logical for sniper to have such high hp. reduce the hp of sniper to 3.5k so that assassins can have an equal chance of winning.
  11. DANGER3120


    Nick: "-^**^-" IP: SteamID : NO steam Time : 5000 mins Reason: Speed hack PROOF :http://www.mediafire.com/file/ycb2ukps4422drc/ban.dem/file
  12. DANGER3120


    Nick: Fanu' Lu' Se7eN IP: SteamID : no steam Time :60 mins Reason: Retry Last zm PROOF : https://imgur.com/WiguAkQ