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  1. malazver


    try to turn off your antivirus protection
  2. what is spec why spec exist why kick spec??? spec is for all players directly or indirectly involved in game spec exist for anybody. not to abuse but to use ! spec is NOT RESERVED FOR ADMINS ONLY we all can enter spec mode to see some player then address admin on [email protected] to take wc or some other mini break number of reasons why is that there admins can kick spec if is full server and other players cant get entry in all other reasons its stupid thing to do that for loosing players at least i can elaborate any reason if u like you give me ONE valid why i cant use spec for few moments
  3. i understand soundsss legit to aim at top dm server collect all the best features and make it work properly. hard work i suppose can we have some rewards for consecutive kills? like 10+ kills in a row double dmg weapon etc from regular player point of view if you kill 10 ppl you get 50hp back total on your 1000+ dmg given that doesnt sounds right correct me if im wrong give rewards for skill pls
  4. we really love cool skins and stats dont we? i fell like we dont have that here :( maybe to change value on some skin for m4 ak47 fells like 10k+ kills ak have same skin like some with far less vip admin suits are great and fair to recognize ct from ts we dont have /rankstats /rankskill /topskill /statsme and when we do have /topskill is set to reset on 9999 with ours 10k+ kills per rankreset is to litlle we cant conclude shit from that it will be nice to have to chase something. some achievements map leader.. top headshot etc. /costumes was a fine touch to the game we couldnt save them for nextmap but they were fun! from my perspective thats wholeeeee point of gaming. to have fun and make friends so lets make some new friends make that new player on our server feel like part of something bigger lets make him wish to return lets give him something lets give him something to chase lets give him stats and skins lets improve his gaming expirience best regards from pumpkin head
  5. big like for 2x2 maps they are ideal up to 20 players fy_snow_dew is by far best snow version for 20+ players de_abaddon is great wast map for plenty opportunity to use various weapons.
  6. something get wrong i was playing then my internet died then i got banned for flooding movments idkn how when i was offline says burst then i reconnect on server map is changing then ban again reason Error! Is Not Valid Auth (10) im on xp try to find solution online go regedit delete valve from two places now i can play on other servers cant play on this one can toy help me? nick ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ steamid 22029 STEAM_0:0:1877173938 0 00:43 11 0 ip
  7. Ban Information Name: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ IP: date sun.may 03 2020 Reason: cfg setat pe corp joaca corect ... dont know what is says here not on eng Unban Time: Permanent Ban Admin Name: aN0maLy # Aim On Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:4 i play on other dm servers in this comunity have over 1m kills all together and you come and ban me? you are incapable of admin duty