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    Csblackdevil, nothing else!! ❤️❤️🔥🔥


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  1. R>I>P> !

    1. Alex009.


      I am still there mate. 😂😂


      We all learn from mistakes. 😉

    2. .-TeK-K-eN!^_3
  2. Hello guys! I know, i shouldnt do that and i wont do it again, i wont help my friends connecting with their account on my device. I will start my activity from 0 and i promise to you i wont disaapoint you again. I love you all and don't be mad, we can make the things great again like it was, we all doing mistakes, i learn from mistakes, like everyone does, it wont happen again! I promise to you. Kind regards Alex009! ❤️


    If you want to follow my account, feel free to follow this one. 😘 Alex loves you. 

  3. Lol what ? why banned?

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  3 alții
    2. King_of_lion
    3. Alex009.


      I am back, thanks to myCro, he gave me a chance, i wont do that mistake anymore.. I wont connect my device to my friends account. I am learning from mistakes. 🙂

    4. #LiNeX
  4. We gave you , i gave you my trust ! 

    You totally let us down and you dissapointed us , you were too close to be one of our staff , we thought that you were the perfect one ... 

    Good luck , i hope you learnt the lesson .



    1. Alex009.


      Happens man, i wont do anything stupid, i don't have multiple accounts, i just wanted to help my friends, happens. I will start my activity from 0,it's not a problem! 

  5. Adiós amigo.. 😐 

    1. Alex009.


      I am still here. Don't worry, i will start my activity from 0 now! ❤️ I wont do anything stupid now, i wont help my friends like that. 🙂 That's why i lost it, but i will be back again as I was. 

  6. Do you guys miss that guy? I really love his activity, i hope he wont get retired.. 😞 What happened to him? 

    1. .Straju


      He is in holiday, all good, keep calm 😄 

    2. InFiNiTy_StOrM
    3. Stendhal
  7. Hello guys! I will take some vacation so i won't be active on forum/TS those days, Saturday i will come back with strenght and doing my job very well for this community! Cya guys and take care of you, i will relax a little bit and i will come back after, do not worry. 🙂 Love you all! ❤️

  8. Music Contest Edition #3 is here! You can register for Edition #3 for next week (05.07.2020), you have  time, just read rules carefully before posting it there.


    Music Contest Edition #3 is here:



    We all love Music! Music is our live! ❤️❤️ 

  9. All Congratulations to @Lock流, he won Music Contest Edition #2! See you on the next Edition, it will be next Sunday! More informations about registering for next week it will be announced this night! Stay tuned!! 😉❤️


    We all love Music! Music is our live!! ❤️

  10. Music Contest Edition #2 started, i am waiting everyone those who participated on TS3 right now!! 

    @[email protected], @#REDSTAR ♪ ♫, @Blackfire, @-Dark, @#Em i[N]O', @# Marian.@#Garrix, @abdo., @-Sn!PeR-, @Loenex, @PRODEXOR, @Sayfmrak ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ, @HiTLeR., @亗[V]!ctoria™✘, @Lock流@Rei™, @Stendhal, @Vevo, @Hossam Taibi


    Thanks to the Coordonators @#PREDATOR, @The Ga[M]er. and others in team who created this project! ❤️

  11. 30 mins remaining untill Music Contest Edition #2 will start! Be there in time or you will be in blacklist for 1 week! We all love Music! Music is our life!! ❤️❤️

  12. Welcome to our community! Wish you the best here!!
  13. Today is a big day, those who registered for Music Contest Edition #2 must be on TS in Music Contest at 19 RO time (07:00 PM). You must be present who replied in that topic, if you are not going to be there, you will be on blacklist for 1 week!


    More informations you can find out here:

    I wish you good luck to everyone who participated! ❤️ See you at 19 RO time (07:00 PM) with the best song/music you have. We all love Music! Music is our life! ❤️