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  1. Upgrades: @-[SKYHIGH]- Upgraded From Helper To Administrator Reason Downgrades: @-MMF Downgraded From Administrator To Helper Reason @JMagic* Downgraded From Moderator To Administrator Reason @Mark-x Downgraded From Pre-Manager To Elder Reason @phoenix Downgraded From Pre-Manager To Elder Reason Warnings: @Lucky-chan Warning 1/3 For Not Taking Proof Of Ban @max123123 Warning 1/3 For Not Posting A Ban In Banlist ( Warning For All You Reading : Dont Ban Without Proof Or Next Time I See One Of You Doing It Will Receive Instant Suspension )
  2. Lucille571

    [Rejected] - steeven

    Stop Spamming , Wait 1 week before doing another applicant or you will be automatically rejected Rejected T/C
  3. Lucille571

    [Rejected] - admin

    As dante said : dont start spam , wait 1 week before doing another applicant , Rejected T/C
  4. Your obviously new to our server and community , play more than 30hours on server then come back with another applicant , Rejected ( Dont need to wait 24 hours. ) T/C
  5. Lucille571

    [Banlist] Lucky-chan

    This is not a solid proof for a speed hacker , You need to record a demo not a screenshot.
  6. @[A]Sweety^ x CSBD be more respectful to others , @Master you dont need to slay , you can use amx_gag instead Solved T/C
  7. Lucille571

    Lucille's Banlist

    ¤ Date / Time : Just now ¤ Nick: Nyx ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: permanently ¤ Reason: Fake Admin ¤ Proof:
  8. Why would you ask me to remove you if you still wanna be an admin here ?
  9. Contra , play more then come back.
  10. Nickname:Lucille Screenshot:
  11. Updates: @core15vproi decided to leave us , thank you for all you'v done.