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  1. Hello i have long time inactive today i back and i cant get in because i forget password of my user
  2. i had it right now after i told him to defend his self *SPEC* [Experienced Staff Members] mjnon,b7bk : killer *** RiGhT NoW killed Sha|D|ow*|G|irl with a headshot from xm1014 *** *SPEC* [Experienced Staff Members] mjnon,b7bk : done bro you can defend your self in forum this is gag : https://imgur.com/a/JeAfJC6
  3. ¤ Votre nom: mjnon,b7bk ¤ Nom d'administrateur revendiqué: |-K!LLeR-| ¤ Date et heure: today 04/02/2020 20:32 ¤ Preuve (capture d'écran de la console ou démo): i didnt know what happened i was just playing by my phone and i saw that killer saying in game chat tfo and 5ra i just say hhohoho and he gagged me i miss the gag for no reason you can check logs bro ¤ Motif de la plainte: *DEAD* |-K!LLeR-| : tfo *DEAD* |-K!LLeR-| : 5ra [ADMINS]Admins should attack first in Mods Survivor/Sniper ! *SPEC* [Experienced Staff Members] mjnon,b7bk : hohoho [Zombie Outstanding] Admin |-K!LLeR-| gag mjnon,b7bk for 8 min REMARQUE: lisez les règles avant de lancer la réclamation.
  4. i have to go qatar for 3/4 months so, i'm here asking about my resigned cuz from 07/01/2020 i will go i can't play anymore i was from the best admins of this server and i can't play anymore thank prv to ezel / jax / jetrox / sickboy / mhmd / vandam / badgirl / zeldris bye
  5. ¤ Your name: mjnon,b7bk ¤ Claimed Admin name: Mythics ¤ Date and time: 21:20 04/01/2020 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo): https://imgur.com/a/zQXEQjR & https://imgur.com/a/3hV66IT ¤ Reason of complaint: i was talking to my friend about some packs and this Mythics was there playing his mod after by 2 mins i ask again my friend for pack that Mythics gaged me 8 mins and i do ungag cuz he gag admin and he use ftp or i dont know and give me 45 mins after some mins he gaged me again 2 times 8 mins gag you can see history of ftp or do what you want "by the way if that problem didnt clear i will resigned my self from now not allowed we was fine before hims get super and all words back to you ezel" and youssef to gaged me NOTE: Read the rules before initiating the complaint.
  6. hello i'm here to post behalef .S!ckBoY^ as he told me in facebook he always asking ezel and mhmd and ignored so, he's say i want get upgrade as admin because i had 500 hours more as he say i here to apply for starator admin his name .S!ckBoY^ and i'm sorry if need proof or anything i can send it note : he is a slot already just upgrade only and thank you all
  7. dd¤ Your name: mjnon,b7bk ¤ Claimed Admin name: zeldries ¤ Date and time: today 19:01 02/12/2019 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo): about ss i was reply on him i miss it so, from consel i cant take ss so, i copy logs "[ADMINS] Zeldris. : kol 5ra blash anekk" " also i check files of cs addons and cfg i cannt found exchat discur D / C ¤ Reason of complaint: same problem with deagle there who bought a nemesis mod before him and he said i gonna slay you i told him why in chat admins prv he tell me i will [CENSORED] you + other words he flame me you cna ask "jax" "pal_" they watch all thing NOTE: Read the rules before initiating the complaint.
  8. ¤ Your name: mjnon,b7bk ¤ Claimed Admin name: that vip called deagle i forget his font name ¤ Date and time: 22:29 30/11/2019 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo): https://imgur.com/a/WsM2rsM & https://imgur.com/a/mcA45eN & https://imgur.com/a/AjA3akc & https://imgur.com/a/YidNmaG ¤ Reason of complaint: this guy make not by say @ for next 2 me mod i bought mod nemesis before him he start freezing me and gaged me also in finally i got 3 times thuglife from him u can see ftp console as i copy all thing from there, also he trolling people like S.pardik he gaged him 4 times in same time 'i don't know my he flamming my mother for a [CENSORED] little game?' this proof for destroy : https://imgur.com/a/H29rWUV NOTE: Read the rules before initiating the complaint.
  9. ¤ Your name: mjnon,b7bk ¤ Claimed Admin name: Add ¤ Date and time: today 30/11/2019 17:22 ¤ Proof (screenshot of console or demo): i forget also u can ask any admin to believe me they see all thing also 'zombie mode gived to moslim after his retry i had it at my consel at cs files but cant copy it' ¤ Reason of complaint: i didnt see what happend but that guy was as zombie mode and he do retry and i didnt see him anymore 'by the way' 'that guy is admin called' "Add" NOTE: Read the rules before initiating the complaint.
  10. as you know i had more than two weeks working hard in server and following rules etc also i mark my self there as a admin active. today i here want application for a upgrade to my self i mean more access and more objecti's and more commands use's also i had hours with my ex hours all will be 421hours. thank to all
  11. i gotta posting here Rules 1 from away of all thing i have access to deffend my staff admin mate majd cuz he was abusing lm's at gate not cage as he said so, better punish him because there nothing to cover his self from zombies #2 about slay majd mus't take a warn or a demote #3 i was deffed the staff mate majd. drenk please better full your complaint.
  12. ¤ Your Nickname: mjnon,b7bk ¤ Your Address Skype, Steam: N/A ¤ Age (You must have or higher than 13 years): 19 ¤ Languages That You Can Speak: arabic,french,english,bit'italian ¤ Your Location: tunisia / gafsa / hay nour ¤ Experience As Admin: 1 year ¤ Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (22:00 To 12:00 PM): from 6 morning to 6 eveving playing in server also other games and at 12:00 stay spec cuz i have to work irl more than 8hours ¤ Link Of Hours You Played On Server ( Click Here You Must Write Your Nickname 'about my hours i miss 193 hours last month cuz i was inactive many problems with my family then i back to game they already clear and now i have more 66 since 2 since i back. ¤ Reason That You Want To Be Admin: i loyal boy also i have more 2 years play in server thuglife whitout admin and today i ready to be a new staff ¤ Other Information For Your Request: N/A