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    1. Y0 m3n 7h3 sl4p thing was bcs u was afk in base what can I do, stop crying.. Look at my activity on gametracker on this month if u saw me 1h in 48h xDDD ye u toxic from the moment that u make me hater and I don't even know a shit abt u LMFAO I'm special, that's why u don't see no one like me, u don't know me, enjoy and let's stop replying, @Amaranth I wait u bae.
    2. Sorry for double post. Let me tell you something: The founders, @Amaranth & @LycaNiaN know what i'm doing, cuz i tell them. No, i'm not GOD in server, but the toxic players, like you, need to be treated corectly, gag 10 minutes headache. Did somebody said something about the VIP? Nah, so please just shut your mouth off. Make the server with rules? We have rules, but also treat like how they treats us. You play for 3 days on server and you saw that i'm a chicken when they join? Bruh... stop speaking, you become a clown for real, they have FTP, and they check the FTP mo
    3. Ok, don't ask why you are permanently banned, have a nice day.
    4. shVury

      [CS] BanList - Shaury

      * Name: Techno! * Ip: * SteamID (if exist): VALVE_6:1:51942747 * Time: 2 hours. * Reason: Threats / headache. Proofs:
    5. What you expect from me babe? I respect the people, exact how they respect me, and btw.. you are not the first one which i give respect like that, gag 10 minutes for headache, but you know, when you are admin, 3h daily on server, and everyone know you and try to make jokes even if they don't know you and etc, i don't think u will be a good guy, let's say thanks that i didn't ban you for the threat with black face, alright? now sorry, i'm busy, i want to play a bit cuz i'm busy in weekend with the homeworks, go sing to another table, love you.
    6. shVury

      [CS] BanList - Shaury

      * Name: sby * Ip: * SteamID (if exist): VALVE_6:0:1006550847 * Time: Permanent. * Reason: Aim. Proofs:
    7. Just my opinion, I think it's useless the scan now cuz are 2h from the moment that the ban was gived...
    8. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
    9. shVury

      [CS] BanList - Shaury

      * Name: aaa * Ip: * SteamID (if exist): VALVE_6:1:2087979255 * Time: Permanent. * Reason: Wh Proofs:
    10. shVury

      [CS] BanList - Shaury

      * Name: Toto * Ip: * SteamID (if exist): VALVE_6:1:1796067130 * Time: Permanent. * Reason: Wh. Proofs: * Name: Popo * Ip: / z * SteamID (if exist): VALVE_6:1:1035776762 * Time: Permanent. * Reason: Wh Proofs:
    11. shVury

      [CS] BanList - Shaury

      * Name: Mikasa * Ip: * SteamID (if exist): STEAM_1:0:563547689 * Time: Permanent. * Reason: No WarGods. Proofs:
    12. shVury

      [CS] BanList - Shaury

      * Name: Av*1 * Ip: * SteamID (if exist): STEAM_1:0:211048315 * Time: 60 minutes / 1h. * Reason: Retry gag. Proofs:



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