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  1. Nick: MoHanD^elgzar Age:14 AMX Experience(years): i am god at scripter not that much Time when you can be online: idk maybe 6-7 HRS What other things you want to do as co-owner?: Help server + manage it with players + About Boost i am not sure + but i have experirence as co-owner Do you have grade in other servers: Yes i was in StreetZM Owner but not now
  2. ckname:harel ¤ Age:14 ¤ Your Country (Location):Egypt ¤ Languages that you speak:Mohand^elgzar ¤ How much time you can be active?:3-7 ¤ Can you be active in ts3?:? ¤ Link of your activity in (minimum 30 hours) (GameTracker) : in gametracker i have more then 30 hours ¤ Have you read and understood all rules?:no but i will read them ¤ Can you donate?:not yet ¤ Other information:
  3. Nickname: MoHanD^EL Gzarr Age: 19 Experinces as admin: elder Your Country: Egypt You can boost sometimes server?: yes Can you be active at night? : yes How many hours can you be active per day? : 4 to 8 hours a day
  4. Nickname:MoHanD^EL Gzarr Age: 19 Experience as admin: 10 yrs Your Country: egypt You can boost sometimes server: maybe... Can you be active at night: yes
  5. Nick:MoHanD^EL Gzarr Age:19 AMX Experience(years):4 years Time when you can be online:3 & 4 hours What other things you want to do as co-owner?:ban hackers help server & players Do you have grade in other servers:N0
  6. Nick game:MoHanD^EL Gzarr Payment method: free What package do you want (large package or small package): the free one @Roselina ♣ flowers
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