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  1. Give me admin I have exp in founder or owner I have years playing csblackdevil fuy founder in royal I want admin please! :) <3

  2. RoyalZM.CsBlackDevil.Com [Zombie Plague 6.2] We are looking for a new Co-Owner, Owners and Founders experience With Manager + FTP Model: Nick: Age: Administrator experience: Reason [Why do you want to be an administrator? our server]? : Can you stay at night? : ONE ... you will be given 3 days of testing.
  3. Deiber.

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    Ya leí las reglas Hijo, creo que deberías leerlas ya que no pones la orden Ser calificado más que yo, y California es pasado y bueno si fue un momento porque estaba buscando a mis amigos para traerlos aquí o no te das cuenta! Buena suerte hermano, And I don't lie and I can call ElAnimo that he was there, and he also warned you with your respect, that he was more careful that he has more degree than you, and how you might not even respect him.
  4. Deiber.

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    you only do it so that the administrator can be taken away from me for that you do it, because you don't show when you insulted ElAnonimo and me because you don't show it just to take my administrator away and if I did, I also insulted you because you insulted me you are a degree and a little older It is for you to set a bad example you must do your best as ElAnonimo told you that here we come to help not to move, We must be United But it is up to you manager what they say that is Thank you ¡.Good Luck For me and for everyone,!