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  1. Your Nickname [Same as in forum]: uBooT ★ Your Address Skype, facebook,Steam: fb/Gasini Mirzet ★ Age:16 ★ Languages That You Can Speak:english albanian french bosnian ★ Your Location: Albana ★ Experience As Admin [Last server GT link]: Founder/Owner ★ Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours [24:00 To 12:00 PM]: i can form 12 to 7 ★ Link Of Hours You Played On Server [Click Here You Must Write Your Nickname]:Im new so if i get one chane for like7 days owner to prove myself that im good admin i will stay on server and boost it sometimes when will it needed
  2. UBoot


    Congrats for ur son Remember !Family!Frst! after other things Ur welcome anytime
  3. I was there and he kick him bicause he thught he was hacking(aimbot)And i asked and a lot of admins sayed yes which were online and i go again afk but idk if was that correct
  4. But again the admins can use commands on odher admins just form managers and up
  5. U shuld be active every day and read all rules in csbd here...Only founders and up can uze zp_giveapp..
  6. UBoot

    BanList uBooT

    ¤ Date / Time :10/11/2019 14:35 ¤ Nick: GinGo ¤ IP:/// ¤ Time of ban:Today ¤ Reason:Using hack and speed hack ¤ Proof:
  7. UBoot

    BanList uBooT

    ¤ Date / Time : ¤ Nick: ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: ¤ Reason: ¤ Proof:
  8. ¤ Your name:uBooT ¤ Claimed Admin name:ReVoX ¤ Date and time:Today ¤ Reason of complaint:Its forbidden to use any zp commands if any Player has more than 130 ammo. ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):
  9. Your name:uBooT ¤ Claimed Admin name:Sauber Bowie ¤ Date and time:Today ¤ Reason of complaint:Command zp_jetpack can be used only if the current mode is normal infection. He used in ARMAGEDDON And gived jb to rose and to him And there u can see that he was online and he givet jb to player and to his self ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):
  10. Your name:uBooT ¤ Claimed Admin name:ReVoX ¤ Date and time:Today ¤ Reason of complaint:Its forbidden to use any zp commands if any Player has more than 130 ammo. And he is kicking players and he have a lot of reports of players in server. ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):
  11. ◘Name:uBooT ◘ Have you had any experience with FTP and Manager? (Proof of Scratching):Elder for 3 years in odher servers ◘ How old are you?:16 ◘ Your country:Albania ◘ Knowledge of English?:Yes fluently ◘ Are you ready to buy a promotion for the server (BOOST)?:Yes i can ◘ Are you ready to steal the AFK at night?:Yes of course
  12. ¤ Your name:uBooT ¤ Claimed Admin name:Cali321 ¤ Date and time:06.11:2019/15:34 ¤ Reason of complaint:Slaping to much ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):
  13. UBoot

    [Rejected]Report Admin

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