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"✘Nose. 沒有™✘"

Manager CS 1.6
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  1. follow the steps with the correct model luck!!!
  2. good afternoon founders 🤗I bring you a suggestion about giving the RoyalZm guns a Christmas look for the Christmas month we are going through. I hope you like my suggestion thanks for your attention🤗🎉
  3. Felicidades Por Tu puto manager pendejo 😍😂💕

    1. "✘Nose. 沒有™✘"

      "✘Nose. 沒有™✘"

      Jaja a darle duro nomas man

    2. Tyga ♛♛

      Tyga ♛♛

      Jajaajaja Nmms Si Suerte pe

    3. ~[F]ranklin~
  4. ¤ Nickname (same as forum): Nose.¤ Skype / Facebook: ....¤ Age: 18¤ Your Country: Lima - Perú¤ Admin experience: I have been owner, pre manager, of there all ranks except elder¤ Key / pass of our rules: I know all the rules
  5. Accepted as Helper send me nick/tag/pw ts3 / pm
  6. ¤ Nickname (same as forum): Nose.¤ Skype / Facebook: ....¤ Age: 18¤ Your Country: Perú - Lima¤ Admin experience: in all ranges up to PRE manager¤ Key / pass of our rules: respect all the rules
  7. you have no activity send the request in a week with more!!!
  8. Buenas Noches. Puedes hacer tu reporte mejor daniela para que no metas en problemas a nadienm el no fue quien te dio ban el que Te Dio Ban Fue @_Teory_ yo estaba presente cuando te dieron el Ban. Has Tus Cosas Mejor.... Buena Suerte ❤️
  9. -Nick : Nose. -Real Name : Gean Pier Anthony -Your Birthday : 02/02/2001
  10. good night to all the management of CaliforniaZm I could deactivate the admin for this week for the reason that I enter university exams since I will not be able to enter the severity, apart from that I do not have a pc. since I enter the sever through a cyber. but I will be connected in forun from my cell phone. I hope your understanding, thank you very much.

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