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  2. DeChambeau on Koepka rivalry ahead of the Ryder Cup: "A lot of this social media stuff has definitely been driven by a lot of external factors, not necessarily us two." Bryson DeChambeau insists he is fully focused on this week's Ryder Cup and has played down his supposed ongoing feud with USA teammate Brooks Koepka. The pair have been involved in publicised disagreements over the past two years, with Koepka previously calling out DeChambeau for slow play and DeChambeau making fun of Koepka's physique. DeChambeau hinted that the rivalry had been blown out of proportion and revealed ahead of the Ryder Cup details of positive conversations between the pair in the build-up to the biennial contest. US captain Steve Stricker said on Monday that he probably wouldn't pair the two together this week at Whistling Straits, although DeChambeau teased that "something fun" with Koepka was possible. "A lot of this social media stuff has definitely been driven by a lot of external factors, not necessarily us two," DeChambeau told the media on Tuesday. "We had some great conversations during Tour Championship week when we had dinner. "Then this week I sat down and had dinner with him last night, and it was fine. I think there may be something fun coming up here moving forward, but won't speak too much more on that." DeChambeau also confirmed details of his hands being "wrecked" from training for the World Long Drive Championship immediately after the Ryder Cup, with the former US Open champion hoping to use that practice to his advantage for Team USA. "When had some blisters on my hands and wrecked my hands, that was before the FedExCup Playoffs," DeChambeau added. "That was that Friday before is when it happened. The story came out later because I was talking about it and how badly my hands hurt after that because of how much effort I was putting into it. "Leading up into this event, I've put full force focus into this event. I think part of hitting it far is some of why I am so successful and how I could utilize my length on this golf course to potential advantage. I've been working on my wedging and putting non-stop, as well. Thinking about how to roll it better, thinking about how to control my distances better with this new speed. "Sky Sports"
  3. "We will lead on all the greatest challenges of our time from Covid to climate, peace and security, human dignity and human rights, but we will not go it alone," he said Tuesday. President Joe Biden used his biggest moment so far on the international stage at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday to call on global leaders to take stronger action on Covid-19 and climate change, as he sought to re-establish America’s alliances and role in the international community. Looking to signal a break from his predecessor's isolationism, "America first" policies, he repeatedly pledged to work with other nations and to establish the United States as a leader in tackling the challenges facing the planet. "We will lead, we will lead on all the greatest challenges of our time from Covid to climate, peace and security, human dignity and human rights, but we will not go it alone," Biden said. "We will lead together with our allies and partners and in cooperation with all those who believe, as we do, that it is within our power to meet these challenges, to build a future that lifts all of our people to preserve this planet." The speech, his first as president at the meeting, was at a gathering very different than those in the past, with many world leaders opting to deliver their remarks virtually. Biden also planned to meet Tuesday with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in New York, and with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the evening back at the White House. Biden's speech comes at a time when some of the closest U.S. relationships have been strained following the chaotic troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, which left NATO allies complaining they were left scrambling to evacuate their own people as the Taliban took control. Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan, arguing it was no longer in America’s interest to remain, has also led world leaders to question what role the U.S. will play globally going forward — a question he addressed in his remarks. “I stand here today for the first time in 20 years and the United States is not at war, we've turned the page," he said. "All the unmatched strength, energy, commitment, will and resources of our nation are now fully and squarely focused on what's ahead of us. Not what was behind." Biden also addressed the issue of counterterrorism, and the prospect of competition with other global powers without triggering a new Cold War. There was no mention of China in the 30-minute remarks, though he has identified the country as one of the biggest international threats facing the U.S. "We are not seeking a new Cold War or a world divided into rigid blocs," he said. "The United States is ready to work with any nation that steps up and pursues peaceful resolution to shared challenges, even if we have intense disagreement in other areas." Biden has overseen an increase in tensions with France, one of America's closest allies, following a security pact with Australia and the United Kingdom that would allow Australia to buy nuclear-powered submarines from the United States. The deal drew fury from French leaders, who had planned to sell that nation's own submarines to Australia. France said last week it was recalling its ambassadors to the U.S. and Australia, with French officials saying its Indo-Pacific interests were undermined by the new agreement. The White House is in the process of arranging a call with French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss the issue, press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday. Biden entered the hall wearing a mask, which he took off and placed on the dais as he began speaking. In his remarks, he indicated he would lay out a new strategy and commitments to address the coronavirus crisis at a Covid summit led by the U.S., which will focus on vaccinations, treatments and technologies to help end the pandemic. “We need to act now to get shots in arms as fast as possible and expand access to oxygen, test and treatments to save lives around the world,” he said. Still, Biden had been expected to face pressure from world leaders, particularly those in lower-income countries, who have pleaded with the U.S. to do more to help the billions of people who have yet to get their first doses of a vaccine before providing people in the U.S. with their third shots. The World Health Organization has called for a "moratorium" on boosters, and other international medical groups have blasted the U.S. for its plans to provide them. Only 20 percent of eligible people in lower-income countries have been at least partly vaccinated, compared to around 80 percent in some of the wealthiest countries, according to the WHO. The U.S. has already donated 140 million doses to other nations, and plans to provide another 200 million doses by the end of the year. The administration looked to short-circuit another area of pandemic-related criticism in the run-up to the meeting by announcing plans Monday to end a Trump-era travel ban that had kept foreign nationals from 33 countries, including many of those in Europe, from traveling to the U.S. as a precaution against Covid. On Monday, the administration said fully vaccinated foreign nationals would be able to travel to the U.S. with proof of vaccination and a negative Covid test. "NBC"
  4. Actor / Actress name : Patrick Swayze Real name : Patrick Wayne Swayze Birth Date /Place : August 18, 1952. Houston, Texas, U.S. Age : September 14, 2009 (aged 57). Los Angeles, California, U.S. Social status : Married with Lisa Niemi Actor/Actress Picture : Claim to fame (Date-First Work) : Patrick Swayze's first professional appearance was as a dancer for the Disney Theatrical Group in a show called Disney on Parade. He then starred in the role of Danny Zuko in one of the replacement casts for the long-running Broadway production of Grease. In 1979, he made his film debut as "Ace" in Skatetown, U.S.A.. At the height of the po[CENSORED]rity of disco, he would star in a Pabst Blue Ribbon commercial of him going on a date at a disco-themed nightclub with Pabst's then-jingle set to disco music. Works (Movies and Series) : Ghost (1990), Point Break (1991), To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar (1995). Awards :Yoga Award, Worst Foreign Actor, ShoWest Convention Award, Male Star of the Year, BMI Film & TV Award, Most Performed Song from a Film, Bravo Otto Award, Best Actor, Aftonbladet TV Prize Award, Best Foreign Television Personality - Male. Other Informations : Swayze was married to Lisa Niemi for 34 years from June 12, 1975, until his death. They had no children, but Lisa had suffered one miscarriage. They met in 1970 when Swayze was 18 years old. Niemi, 14 years old at the time, was taking dance lessons from Swayze's mother.[29] In a 2008 interview, Swayze stated that Niemi was the inspiration for his song "She's Like the Wind".
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    [Musician] Don Omar

    Musician Name: Don Omar Birthday / Location: February 10, 1978. Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico, U.S. Main instrument: Vocal Musician Picture: Musician Awards & Nominations: Best Urban Song, Best Urban Music Album, Reggaeton Album of the Year, Latin Rhythm Airplay Song of the Year, Hot Latin Song of the Year, Hot Latin Song of the Year, Vocal Event, Digital Song of the Year, and others. Best Performance: King of Kings Live Other Information: Omar has also portrayed Rico Santos in four films in the Fast & Furious franchise. He first played the character in 2009's Fast & Furious and then returned for Fast Five (2011), The Fate of the Furious (2017) and F9 (2021).
  6. Artist: Celia Cruz Real Name: Úrsula Hilaria Celia de la Caridad Cruz Alfonso Birth Date /Place: 21 October 1925, Havana, Cuba. Age: He died on July 16, 2003 at the age of 77. Social status (Single / Married): Married with Pedro Knight. Artist Picture: Musical Genres: Salsa, Guaracha, Son, Bolero, Rumba. Awards: Best Tropical Latin Recording, Best Salsa/Merengue Album, Best Salsa Album, Best Traditional Tropical Album, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Top 3 Songs (Names): La Negra Tiene Tumbao, La Vida Es Un Carnaval, Quimbara. Other Information: known as Celia Cruz, was a Cuban-American singer and one of the most po[CENSORED]r Latin artists of the 20th century. Cruz rose to fame in Cuba during the 1950s as a singer of guarachas, earning the nickname "La Guarachera de Cuba". In the following decades, she became known internationally as the "Queen of Salsa" due to her contributions to Latin music in the United States.
  7. Music Title: Parapente Signer: Irepelusa & Cardellino Release Date: 20/09 Official YouTube Link: Information About the Signer: Venezuelan Signers Your Opinion About the Track (Music Video): Good video
  8. Nickname : @Yeezuz Tag your opponent : @-Dark Music genre : Pop Rock Alternative Number of votes ( max 10 ) : 5 Tag one leader to post your songs List: @Shyloo
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