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    Steam, games, tech, programming, russia, music, rap, series, netflix ..
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  1. Name: SoFiane Profile link: ▬ Tag a friend(s): @[Paul] @▲ RAGEN @Zlo
  2. SoFiane


    welcome back
  3. Nickname: SoFiane Tag Your Friends: @myCro @Luanhyx. @Zlo.. Xbox or PlayStation, anyone is your best!: PS
  4. 1. Nick: SoFiane 2. Age: 20 3. How much time you spent on PC?: a lot .. 4. How much time you are online on TS3?: it depends . 5. Which games do you play?: Csgo/1.6/L4D2/lol/wow/gta/pubg/rust/the forest/pc building simulator.. etc 6. How many hours you play in the games noted above?: starting from 1h to 17h no stop, it depends ^^ 7. Gives us some links and photos of your profiles[steam, blizzard, in-game profile with statistics]: id/SoFiane23Dz 8. What do you wish from us?: in pm 9. Have you checked out the Rules?: yea
  5. Rejected !! + nice try.. T/C
  6. some commands does not work like amx_transfer/amx_banlist ^^
  7. Rejected !! improve ur activity and make new request on next week & respect the model . T/C
  8. ★ Name: SoFiane ★ Tag your friends: @myCro @Roselina ✾ @LuanHyx @Adm-™ ★ Answer this question: What is the most importan thing in life? do good things and help/teach.. who need u, never be an stingy or arrogant ..
  9. SoFiane

    Rock Quiz #1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 37 seconds  
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 14/100 My Time 38 seconds  

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