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  1. Who wants a music battle with me

    Link Battle🎧🎵:https://csblackdevil.com/forums/forum/16949-battles-1v1/

    1. Shyloo


      how i do a battle like that pls tell me how im new

    2. Adrianita


      Mencioname si quieres. 🤗

  2. Well both musics are very good, I really like both but you have to vote for 1 and the one that caught my attention the most was DH2: Very good Theme and Bass and Sound
  3. Nickname : Daniela Tag your opponent : @Blackfire Music genre : Rap☺ Number of votes : (8)! Tag one leader to post your songs LIST : @#Em i[N]O'
  4. V2: It is seen that V2 the text is. Well lit and well done it has nice text and Color vote for V2:
  5. As everyone sees both Things are good but in this battle there is 1 winner and I already chose my vote and it is for DH2 It has good musical effects and very good Themes
  6. •The best song is that of DH2, your son is good, it has a great rhythm and my vote for DH2.°
  7. Artist :Arcangel Real Name:Arcangel Birth Date /Place of birth: December 23, 1985 of birth: December 23, 1985 Age:34 Social status ( Single / Married ) :Married Artist Picture : Musical Genres : •Reguetón •trap Awards :- Top 3 Songs (Names) : Baby Records (2005–2007) Flow Factory Inc. (2008–Presente) Pina Records(2012–2019) Rimas Entertainment (2019-Presente) Other Informations :Austin Agustín Santos [1] (New York, December 23, 1985), [2] better known by his stage name Arcángel, is a reggaeton and Latin American trap singer of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent [3]. After his return to Puerto Rico, he was part of the duo Arcángel and De la Ghetto. The duo eventually came to make songs that became po[CENSORED]r with reggaeton fans in the United States and Puerto Rico, such as "Agresivo", "Sorpresa" and "Mi fanática" in the mid-2000s. [4] Archangel
  8. Why are you eliminating all my work? Why are you against me? What have I done for you? Do you wait 24 hours to publish it?😔😢

    1. ✘°[D]ąnîëlå° 达尼™✘

      ✘°[D]ąnîëlå° 达尼™✘

      Here in my country the Hour is different from yours And I have done the work with efurzo and you eliminate them from

    2. Meh Rez vM ! ♫

      Meh Rez vM ! ♫

      The billboards you posted were : Justin Bieber Yummy Came out : 4 January 2020


      Second billboard you posted was :

      Dalex - Bellaquita ft. Lenny Tavárez came out : 21 november 2019 if you take 10 seconds of your time and Check the rules you'll find : The song shound not be old ( 5 days max  )



      The Artist you posted was tekashi 6ix9ine, right? that was already posted

      you keep saying i respect the rules i follow them...ect


      rule number 5 artist biography 


      Make sure that the artist biography is not posted before , otherwise it will be hidden .


      No one is against you, Have a Nice day and don't post none sense status updates again. 

    3. ✘°[D]ąnîëlå° 达尼™✘

      ✘°[D]ąnîëlå° 达尼™✘

      Oh Sorry what a shame the stupid was me From now on I will read the rules Recently and I will verify that the publication that I am going to do is not published I am already sorry sorry thousand😔

  9. •Nickname: Daniela •Tag your opponent: @The Ga[M]er. •Music genre:Rap •Number of votes:(7).
  10. I like DH2 better It has a good DH1 tone too but my vote goes to DH2 Good Luck