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  1. [T/C] be careful the player was blocking peter petrelli careful with his reports
  2. you have 24 hours to answer this report otherwise you will get suspended/dowgrade
  3. you have 24 hours to respond ...
  4. [solved] take this as a warning for the next you will be punished read the rules
  5. 24 hours to reply...
  6. evil baby there is a mistake revox has to read the rules Its forbidden to use any command on other Admins. Only Founders, Owners, Co-Owners & Pre-Managers are allowed to use all commands! revox gave gag if reason
  7. Pro!!! good activity PD: you must change your name your name you have to be the same as that of the forun and the server
  8. Skull *.*

    report admi

    where are the tests as you insult you are a liar Also it would be useful to read the rules and if you have 4 days of admin here what you did 2 days ago in califor server
  9. Skull *.*

    report admi

    ¤ Your name:Skull *.* ¤ Claimed Admin name: deiber! ¤ Date and time: today ¤ Reason of complaint: sniper mode killer and insult me ¤ Proof (screenshot or demo):
  10. My opinion is that he kicked the players to that will come in more because is a bot what is on spectator
  11. Skull *.*

    banlist Skull *.*

    ¤ Date / Time :00:01 13/10/2019 ¤ Nick: BRASILEIRO '-' ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 5000 minutes ¤ Reason: retry by gag ¤ Proof:
  12. Skull *.*

    [Accpeted] Request admin

    Pro For Administrators
  13. Pro For Helper good luck
  14. ¤ Your name: Skull *.* ¤ Claimed Admin name: baby ¤ Date and time: now ¤ Reason of complaint: gave slay in sniper mode ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo): read the rules *4. FREEZE ¤ Zombies which don't attack in mods such as Sniper & Survivor. ¤ Zombies which camp in the water to extend the round.
  15. Rules!!! 4. CONGELAR ¤ Zombis que no atacan en mods como Sniper & Survivor. ¤ Zombis que acampan en el agua para extender la ronda.

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