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  1. congratulations For Moderators my brother ♥

  2. ¤ Nickname (will be same as nick of forum account - no exceptions): |King|Star| ¤ Age: 20 ¤ Country (Location): egypt ¤ Can you be online between these hours? (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM) : sure  ¤ Reason that you want to be admin in StreetZM: Help sv! ¤ Other information: I am old owner to streetzm!
  3. Bro You Can Delete Some Massage 
  4. ¤ Nickname : |King|Star|¤ Name: Mohmmed¤ Age: 17¤ City: Pogradec¤ Country: Egypt¤ Favorite Games: Counter-Strike¤ Favorite Shows: Movies¤ Favorite Movies: Horror¤ Favorite Songs / Favorite genre: 2Ton ¤ What would you like to do in life: I will Buy one Bugatti¤ Favorite actor - why ?: Blitz ¤ Favorite actress - why ?: -¤ Favorite juice: Coca-Cola¤ In what country would you like to live: Stay Forever in egypt¤ Favorite football team: FC Barcelona¤ Car models: Mercedez-Benz¤ How did you find WalkingDead?: By @MasterKid™¤ If you win 1 million dollars, which would be the first thing you do?: Help server WalkingDeaD and help people

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