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  1. ¤ Nick:[D]aniela x ¤ Real name: Daniela Victoria Salazar Jaimes. ¤ Birthday (Date): NO SORRY??
  2. Nick Admin: M7k¤ Old Grade: Owner¤¤ New Grade: Player ¤ Sanction: Removed¤ Reason:-
  3. Nickname: [D]aniela x Tag Your Friends: @[D]rosel @CSBD @M7K. @MosterOfficial ☆ @Mr.Love @LexMaN @Ares
  4. Buenas Noches a todos ❤️

    1. LexMaN


      Buena NOCHE mi amor bello que lindas heres

    2. [D]aniela 👑x

      [D]aniela 👑x

      Buenas noches asta mañana

  5. -Hola como estas amigo te acuerda de mi hey te bengo a pedir un favorcito sera que me puedes dar 150 poins y te lo agradesere

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    2. [D]aniela 👑x

      [D]aniela 👑x



      Esto es De Agradicimiento Si te gusto:Ponlo de De foto.  ❤️

        • I love it 2
    3. MosterOfficial ☆

      MosterOfficial ☆

      Thx Dani Por la Foto Me gusto mucho la Mantendre Guardada 

    4. [D]aniela 👑x
  6. Hi All @Mr.Love-

    Look at this warning that He gave me @Legends ♛ why??


        Oferit 0 puncte care nu vor expira niciodată.

    Notă pentru membru
    4. Posting rules
    4.1 Off-topic/post-hunt/spam
    4.1.1 Off-topic post is not related to the subject of the topic.This kind of post is not allowed.
    4.1.2 Post-hunt refers to the posts that have the base on their amount and not on the meaning. Posts that contain a non-sense text or "generic" answers is considered post-hunt.
    Example: "hello" "hard" "beautiful" "cool" "good job" "nice"
    "generic" answer means: statements that are not real or have no connection with the subject, example: "I love the game, I played it, it was cool" this response can be considered "generic" because it is not a developed response or the user is unconscious about the subject.
    4.1.3 If the rules have been broken in a post, those who will claim with a text "closed and warn", "Ban  bann" will be sanctioned for the post-hunt. For reports/announcements use the report command below the avatar you wish to report.
    4.1.4 Spam defines the excessive posting in a certain category with unnecessary topics/posts or same subject/answer.


    1. Nıco


      it's just an verbal warning. Not a big deal. looks like you posted three times. in the form of a spam. if you want to reply with one more picture or text, you can use the edit button etc.

    2. [D]aniela 👑x

      [D]aniela 👑x

      But it was unintentionally because I published in the avata 2
       photos and I had no warning so I gave this 1
  7. q l q

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    2. [D]aniela 👑x

      [D]aniela 👑x

      -Hola Backman como estas Enta al server la IP DEl Server IP:

    3. [D]aniela 👑x
    4. BacK/MaN.exe™


      Desgrasia x q te fuistec para colombia

  8. Name: [D]aniela x Tag your friend : @[D]rosel @CSBD @M7K. @Mockys @Roselina ✾

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