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    Banned by Mr.Love [insults]

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  1. > Opponent's nickname: @myCro > Theme (must be an image): > Work Type: Avatar or any > Size & Texts: 150x250 > How many votes?: 10 > Work time: 1 Hour
  2. how can we earn points i have made some posts but im not getting points i need 100 points

    1. **IMAN**


      now what the fuc.k are these points?

  3. can you be my teacher for 2 hours daily for Give Me design Tutorials+tution 😜 

    1. Qubicøn


      If you pay me... ofcourse xD

    2. ✿︎♣︎✘︎Pink Princess✘︎♣︎✿︎

      ✿︎♣︎✘︎Pink Princess✘︎♣︎✿︎

      really pay to friends 😛 

      yeah but first of all teach me then i will donate some money  XD

  4. ¤ Your Nickname: Pr0-._ | SajawaL Ftw-. ¤ Your location: Pakistan ¤ Your Steam:n/h ¤ Age: 27 ¤ Languages that you can speak: English ¤ Experience as admin before : yeah ¤ which time Can you stay, playing Romania time and how many hours you can stay in sv per day: yes i can ¤ Reason that you want to be admin: to help sv and players ¤ other information for your request: no thanks
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