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    @Ares Cand Ti-am dat Prima oara racitura m-ai intrebat dece tremura ciorba 😄 


    @Mr.Sebby Am Cautat Pe Net Cum Arata saracia Si mi-a Dat Poze Cu Tine  😄 


    @Mr.Love Mi s a cam pus pata pe tine si nu iese cu venish


    Ps : Sunt Doar Niste Glume Proste Sper Sa nu Va Suparati #Peace ✌️

    1. Ares


      @Master_Kill zici ca ai luat si tu o gluma de la tomberon si ai reciclat-o. Spor👍

    2. Master_Kill


      Ps : Sunt Doar Niste Glume Proste Sper Sa nu Va Suparati #Peace ✌️


      Am Mentionat aicia Ca Sunt Proaste 😄 

    3. Mr.Sebby
  2. Propietar @Crimson :x Liders @Master_Kill Moderators @ErrorGame
  3. you can't be serious? lmao.


    <18:59:30> "Master_kill": i like u
    <18:59:32> "Master_kill": im helper
    <18:59:41> "Master_kill": +mery chrimas
    <18:59:51> "Master_kill": +JWP
    <18:59:56> "Master_kill": +lv40
    <19:00:00> "Master_kill": +Premium
    <19:00:02> "Master_kill": bb bro

    <19:00:05> Chat partner has closed the conversation




    I Miss This Time 😞 With Me Bro Nico 😞 

    1. Crimson :x

      Crimson :x

      if anyone do that in my face i will block him 🙂

  4. Master_Kill

    cerere unban

    Sallut Ai Gresit Sectiunea Poti Vedea Aicia , Pe Ce Server Ai Luat Ban Si Sa Faci O Cerere O Zi Buna.
  5. The Activiti is Good For Helper But The Pass Key is Wrong From Me Have Contra Wrong Pw
  6. Man I Love u Profile Song 😘😉 

  7. Master_Kill

    Funny Quiz #2

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 135 secunde  
  8. I Say Is Good Idea To Add amx_destroy amx_pika and others Comands + Models etc.. But To remvoed Topics Not Help us For What To Remove Old Topics !! I Say Pro !! Good Loock Ps : amx_pika amx_destroy and others Comands i cann add and if @Profesoru Is Agree. With What u say i cann remvoed The Plugins / Comands and add i know to add bcz i add too in WalkindeadZm Good Loock !! Some Plugins Need to Delete useless for the server: amx_grab / amx_rope / amx_hook / amx_give_grab / amx_give_hook / amx_take_roop ( we have zp_jetpack and amx_GiveAp...) And Is zp_giveap xD
  9. -Profile Link: -Number: 25
  10. Master_Kill

    De ce ?

    Ca avem nevoie ? De ce Bem Apa ?

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