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  1. Conge For Vip Bro my love♥

  2. you are not realy havock 

  3. Whats this man !! stop spam!!


    <17:15:27> "#Papito Sinan.47": hey Mr.manger?
    <17:15:37> "[Mr.MangeR.] Mr.MangeR": hello
    <17:15:44> "#Papito Sinan.47": manger?
    <17:15:47> "[Mr.MangeR.] Mr.MangeR": yes
    <17:15:58> "#Papito Sinan.47": manger are you here?
    <17:16:02> "[Mr.MangeR.] Mr.MangeR": yes man
    <17:16:08> "#Papito Sinan.47": manger? 
    <17:16:16> "[Mr.MangeR.] Mr.MangeR": man have problem?
    <17:16:24> "#Papito Sinan.47": hey manger?
    <17:16:49> "#Papito Sinan.47": manger?

  4. Mr.MangeR

    my sv have problem

    can you add anew addons to my sv?
  5. hello, 

    the problem was not solved

    i can give you ftp to fix my sv

    1. Bandolero -

      Bandolero -

      PM me and tell me step by step what's ur problem boii 🙂

  6. Mr.MangeR

    my sv have problem

    Your Nickname:Mr.MangeR Your Problem:when i join my sv this Appear : STEAM validation rejected Screenshot: down Ps: can i give anyone ftp + panel to fix this problem :V
  7. Designed by Toji


  8. Hi I want to design a picture in my name I'm waiting

  9. Nickname :Mr.MangeR Age : 16 Country : Palestine Language:Arabic/English Why Do you want to become an admin? : to help playerExperience (0/10) : 10/10 as a old elite admin Ps: I was Founder in walkingdead but i was left it sv
  10. Hi I want to design a picture in my name I'm waiting

  11. Mr.MangeR

    Family Quiz One

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 26/100 My Time 132 seconds  
  12. Accepted as GOD Send me nick / pw / tag pm me .
  13. master kid you have fb