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  1. Name: Naz doz IP: Reason: WH Unban Time: Permanent Dovada:
  2. * Nick: 08FNU * Grad: Maior * Motiv: Concediu in afara. * Perioada: 07.12.2019 - 05.01.2020 in principiu, probabil mai intru pe 23/24 - 30/31 in rest sigur nu voi fi pe server pana pe 6 ianuarie 2020
  3. Name: zome IP: Reason: wall Unban Time: Permanent Dovada:
  4. Name: Degenerous IP: Reason: WALL Unban Time: Permanent Doada:
  5. Name: `oN^Vpnnn|1333 IP: Reason: WallHack Unban Time: Permanent Dovada:
  6. Name: STEAM_1:0:1621720639 IP: Reason: wh Unban Time: Permanent Dovada:
  7. 1000000% Cat % iti place sa schezi ?
  8. Name: серега 91 IP: Reason: WH+aimbot Unban Time: Permanent Dovada:
  9. Name: [MGL]-EliTe-SaDaRnIzIM IP: Reason: aimbot Unban Time: Permanent Dovada:
  10. 08FNU

    [CS] Cerere Unban 08FNU

    Am observat ca s-a rezolvat. Pot intra pe server. Scuze de topic daca a fost temporar.
  11. 08FNU

    [CS] Cerere Unban 08FNU

    Nu m-a banat nimeni Imi apare : Banned for move commands flooding (burst) Connecting to You have been banned from this server In esenta era seful meu in birou si nu utilizam tastatura prea mult. Doar mouse-ul, cred ca de aici a fost ceva.. IP-ul meu:
  12. Name: Seba IP: Reason: aimbot Unban Time: Permanent Ban Dovada:

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