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  1. Towards the top of the range are SRi VX-Line Nav and Ultimate Nav, which each start from £27,620, but the headline introduction is the new GSi, which packs a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 227bhp and 258lb ft. This power is delivered through a nine-speed automatic gearbox. Priced from £38,850, the high-performance executive hatchback has also been fitted with four-wheel drive that utilises a torque-vectoring system to improve handling in corners. The GSi also gets Brembo four-piston brakes, new adaptive Flexride suspension, bespoke 20in grey alloy wheels and tweaks to the steering set-up. The details of the GSi were revealed alongside full details of a revamped engine line-up for the Insignia. The entry-level unit is a three-cylinder 1.4-litre turbo petrol with 143bhp and 174lb ft, using a six-speed manual gearbox for WLTP-certified fuel economy from 45.6mpg. As well as the 227bhp version, the 2.0-litre engine will be offered in 197bhp guise from SRi Nav upwards, using the nine-speed automatic ’box. This is the first Vauxhall engine to feature cylinder deactivation to reduce fuel consumption. The lower-powered version achieves WLTP fuel economy of up to 37.2mpg, compared with the more powerful unit's 33.2mpg.There will be one diesel engine in the launch line-up: a 1.5-litre three-cylinder producing 120bhp and 221lb ft and returning an official 57.6mpg. A 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel will be launched later this year. Vauxhall says the three-cylinder engines are up to 50kg lighter than the versions featured in the outgoing model. Confirmation of the engine line-up comes shortly after Vauxhall revealed a number of exterior changes and upgraded interior technology for the Insignia. The front has been restyled, with an expanded, chrome-edged radiator grille and adaptive-beam Intellilux LED headlights leading the raft of revisions. Vauxhall claims the facelifted Insignia looks “lower and wider than before” without any specific dimension changes, while the overall design is intended to be “sharper and more coupé-like”. Inside, the graphics on the navigation system have been improved to give what Vauxhall claims is a “fresher, more modern appearance”, alongside new wireless smartphone charging. Vauxhall will be hoping that sales for the Insignia improve with the new design, as they have more than halved in Europe over the past decade. In response to this, the range was recently thinned, with the Sports Tourer estate variant being taken off sale.
  2. The sentiment surrounding increased balance between the two NBA conferences this season is based on only partial truth. The top halves of the two conferences have indeed been relatively even this season. The top six teams in the Eastern Conference have won only four more combined games than the top six teams in the Western Conference, and while the Bucks ruin the curve in terms of net rating, the teams seeded 2-6 in each conference have nearly identical average net ratings, with the difference coming in at less than 0.2 points per 100 possessions. For maybe the first time since Michael Jordan's second retirement, the teams at the top of the East are just as good as the ones out West. That balance just doesn't extend to the bottom of each conference. Currently, all seven non-playoff teams in the East have 24 or fewer wins. Only two teams in the Western Conference have so few. One of them acquired a former All-Star point guard in February. The other has been without two All-Stars for most of the season. And therein lies the conundrum facing the Western Conference next season: Every team is good. There are only eight playoff spots for those 15 teams. Seven of them are probably going to be disappointed. Figuring out who those teams are going to be at this point relies on a number of largely unpredictable factors. Injuries are going to knock a team or two out of the race. So wiloffseason moves. Yet as it stands right now, the 2020-21 Western Conference figures to be arguably the most competitive in NBA history. Barring something very unexpected, the Lakers and Clippers aren't going anywhere as the conference's favorites. The Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz are good enough and young enough to seem like reliable playoff locks. The Houston Rockets have two former MVPs. The Dallas Mavericks, New Orleans Pelicans and Memphis Grizzlies were all already in the hunt this season behind future MVP candidates and don't seem too eager to take a step back. And then we have the big, bad Warriors, who will presumably be back to full strength and ready to huff and puff and blow the whole conference down.The top-of-the-conference war among those teams and whatever unexpected contenders arise to challenge them will dominate most of next season's discourse, but quietly fascinating are the teams that weren't listed above. One of last season's Western Conference finalists didn't make the cut. Nor did this season's No. 5 seed. All six teams left out of that paragraph are earnestly attempting to win, but barring an unexpected pivot from their better-equipped geographical neighbors, will be crowded out of actually doing so. Somebody has to finish last in the Western Conference next year. A few of those teams, intentionally or not, will be forced to tank. Although plenty of this is subject to change in the offseason, the 2019-20 season's lull provides an early opportunity to figure out who that is going to be, and whether there are moves they might be able to make to embrace their lottery destinies. As it stands right now, the six unnamed teams can be divided into three tiers, from least to most likely to wind up tanking next season
  3. Covering roofs and walls of buildings with vegetation is a good way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And these green roofs and walls make cities look nicer. Toronto’s central business district adopted a policy of establishing green roofs on around half of all city buildings in 2009. Research shows this could reduce maximum city temperatures by up to 5C. We spent the past 12 months analysing the case for more greenery on Australian city buildings, drawing on international comparisons. We’ve shown that a mandatory policy, coupled with incentives to encourage new and retrofitted green roofs and walls, will provide environmental, social and business benefits.These include improved air quality, energy conservation and reductions in storm water runoff from buildings, which would decrease flash flooding. Green roofs and walls also become new habitats for biodiversity and can be pleasant spaces for social interaction in dense urban areas. We found numerous studies confirming that greenery on inner city buildings reduces the urban heat island effect, which is when city centres are hotter than surrounding suburban and outer urban areas. We examined international case studies of cities embracing green roofs and walls to review policy frameworks which could be suitable for Australia. A range of measures and policies exist and vary depending on building types (buildings need specific features to host vegetation) and the degree to which policies can be enforced. Singapore is leading in this area. It markets itself as a “garden city” to attract investment, visitors and commerce. Green roofs and walls are a vital and visual manifestation of this policy. Greenery is ingrained in Singapore’s development sector and is boosted by incentives, grants, awards, certification schemes and government led development. Through this voluntary-heavy (yet supported) effort, Singapore increased its number of green roofs and spaces ninefold between 2006 and 2016. Rotterdam’s efforts weren’t as extensive as Singapore’s, but the city more than doubled its green roof area from 2012-2017 through incentives, grants, tax benefits and demonstration projects. London increased its total green roof area more than fourfold from 2005-2016. This was partially achieved through a biodiversity action plan. And Toronto has the second largest area of green roofs of the four cities we studied. This has been delivered through a mandatory policy, introduced in 2009, that requires all new developments with roofs of 2,000 square metres or more to install green roofs. We modelled what could be delivered in Sydney and Melbourne based on the measures taken in Singapore (which is voluntary-heavy), London (voluntary-light), Rotterdam (voluntary-medium) and Toronto (mandatory). We combined this with data on actual green building projects in 2017 in Sydney and Melbourne to show the potential increase of projects in each city based on the four policies. In the Sydney local government area, 123 green roof and wall projects were under way in 2016. In the Melbourne local government area, 28 green roof and wall projects were under way. Sydney and Melbourne have green roof and green wall policies aligned with their 2030 and 2040 sustainability targets, launched in 2012 and 2015 respectively. Sydney has the Green Roofs and Walls Policy Implementation Plan, while Melbourne has the Growing Green Guide 2014. These policies appear most aligned with the voluntary-light approach adopted in London. Sydney had a 23 per cent increase in green roofs since its policy launch, although this was from a very low starting point. Melbourne also reports an increase in green roofs and walls, though the amount of uptake isn’t publicly available. There are, of course, barriers to greening up buildings. These include costs as well as lack of experience in the industry, especially in terms of construction and management. Professional capacity for green roofs is still in a developing phase and further training and skill development are needed. Around 87 per cent of the building stock Australia will have in 2050 is already here, and a large proportion of existing buildings could be retrofitted. We recommend a voluntary approach using a mix of initiatives for building owners, such as tax benefits and credits in green building tools. Focusing on new buildings is likely to lead to more modest growth rates in the short to medium term, relative to alternative approaches such as retrofitting. The annual growth rate of new stock is around 1-3 per cent, which means that policies focusing on new stock will have a substantial impact over the long term. However, in the short to medium term, a retrofit policy would have greater impact given the numbers of existing buildings suitable for this. Local government areas can also promote the evidence showing the lift in property values in areas with more green infrastructure – in some instances up to 15 per cent. This should encourage voluntary uptake. Sara Wilkinson is an associate professor at the School of the Built Environment, University of Technology Sydney; Paul J Brown is a senior lecturer in creative intelligence for the Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation and a senior lecturer in Accounting at UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney, and Sumita Ghosh is a senior lecturer at the School of the Built Environment, University of Technology Sydney. This article was originally published on
  4. After intense political back and forth, Wisconsin is set to hold its presidential primaries and elections for many state and local offices on Tuesday. The controversial election day comes after the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned an executive order issued by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers to delay in-person voting until June 9, followed by a U.S. Supreme Court order on Monday evening to cut off an extension for absentee voting.The state had been the subject of criticism across the country throughout March, as more than a dozen other states delayed their elections due to coronavirus fears. Wisconsin officials issued a stay-at-home order for the state two weeks ago. What is the structure of the election? Wisconsin has an open primary, meaning that voters can request a ballot for either party's contest. Voters will have the option of casting their ballots in person Tuesday, but it may not be easy for those willing to go. Polling places were consolidated and modified to follow social distancing guidelines, and there's expected to be a shortage of about 7,000 poll workers as many decline to work amid the pandemic. Voters can submit absentee ballots in person until 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, the result of the last-minute U.S. Supreme Court ruling, overturning a federal judge's ruling that had extended the deadline until April 13. Absentee ballots submitted by mail will be accepted until that date, but must be postmarked by Tuesday (April 7). A lower court ruling said that county clerks have to hold results until April 13, and yesterday's court action did not appear to change that. How many delegates are at stake for Democrats and Republicans? There are 84 pledged delegates at stake in the Wisconsin Democratic presidential primary, with 55 assigned at the district level and 29 that will be assigned at the state level. Delegates will be allocated proportionally at either level after a candidate surpasses a 15% threshold.There are 52 pledged delegates at stake in the Republican presidential primary. President Trump is not facing significant competition and is expected to win all 52 delegates at stake. The president has already surpassed the GOP threshold needed to secure the nomination. What does a Wisconsin win mean for Sanders and Biden? Former Vice President Biden maintains a significant delegate lead over Vermont Sen. Sanders, after winning a majority of state primaries in March. According to NPR's delegate tracker, Biden has 1,217 pledged delegates and Sanders has 914 pledged delegates. Sanders would need 64% of the remaining delegates in play to win the nomination, while Biden needs 46% of remaining delegates. Biden has solidly led polling in Wisconsin since early March. A Biden win in Wisconsin would further widen his lead over Sanders and likely increase calls for Sanders to drop out of the race, something his campaign is reportedly weighing. If Sanders has an upset victory, he will remain behind in the overall delegate race, but would gain much-needed momentum that could drastically alter the trajectory of the campaign. What does the Wisconsin electorate look like? Wisconsin voters played a large role in shaping the 2016 election. Sanders won the state in the 2016 primary and Trump went on to carry the state in the general election, turning Wisconsin red for the first time in over 30 years. With the caveat that voter turnout could be affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Wisconsin's 2016 Democratic electorate was more than 80% white and majority female, and nearly 60% of the electorate was over 45 years old. When can we expect to see results? Possibly not until Monday, April 13, due to a federal court ruling last week. This is the same ruling that extended absentee voting until that same date, later to be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court. The justices did not resolve part of the lower court ruling that also stopped county clerks from releasing election returns until April 13. So, even though all ballots will be cast or postmarked by the end of the day, we may not see any results when the polls close at 9 p.m. ET. What's next? Alaska is holding a party-run Democratic presidential primary on Friday, but voting is being conducted exclusively by mail. With many primaries being delayed until the summer, refer to NPR's election calendar for updates on approaching elections.
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