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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 13/100 My Time 92 seconds  
  2. stop spaming and multi account

  3. very good if come a lot of kids and spam or multi accounte is good but will be baned and work will be easy for all
  4. we can make for spam is not allowed or ban
  5. Welcome here enjoy & have fun read the rules Good Luck
  6. hello guys this proposal is about mesages i think to add public mesages name is SHutBox if adminstrators/global moderators/moderators can add that
  7. why banned

  9. Welcome to csbd Read the rules G/L
  10. excuse me guys i am not from this server but i will tell my thing this topic is for introduce not for request admin if you want admin you can make request here G/L
  11. ¤ Nickname: CoNtInIuE¤ Name: Rei¤ Age: 19¤ Country: Albania¤ City: Pogradec¤ Favorite Games: Counter Strike 1.6¤ Favorite Movies:¤ Favorite Songs / Favorite genre: noizy nuk kan besu¤ What would you like to do in life:to be a football player¤ You Smoke? / What brand of cigarette smoke:Marlboro black¤ What alcoholic drink frequently: uiski¤ Favorite juice: Bravo¤ In what country would you like to live: Palestine ¤ A brief description about you: i can play very well deathrun¤ How did you find WalkingDeadZM?: by friend @Akrapovic; and @Akash Thakur¤ If you win 1 million dollars, which would be the first thing you do?: help server with players and boost
  12. CoNtInIuE

    Request admin

    ¤ Your Nickname (same as in forum): rei___cekici¤ Your Address Skype, facebook¤ Age:19¤ Languages That You Can Speak:albania and english¤ Your Location: Albania¤ Experience As Admin (last server GT link): checker at zmnewschool and founder at doomzm¤Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (24:00 To 12:00 PM): yes sure¤ Link Of Hours You Played On Server (Click Here You Must Write Your Nickname):server is open¤ Reason That You Want To Be Admin:make activity and help admin,players ¤ Have you read the rules?:of course
  13. sucesful i join in my old account problem is already sloved

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