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    1. hello all guys i miss you so much long time no see

      How are you all doing?

    2. * Name: * Ip: * SteamID (if exist) : * Time: * Reason: * Proofs (print/demo) :
    3. * Nick:cRaZy * Age:16 * Steam profile link:I dont have steam * The secret word from the Rules:#enjoythesummer * Can you join our TS3 [YES/NO]:Of course * Languages you can speak:English and albanian * Link with your name in GameTracker: * Can you donate? (Yes/ No): yea why not * Admin experience:i have enough experience as admin
    4. anyone here plays 8 ball pool or free fire?Need perfect enemies to play

      1. W A L K E R ™

        W A L K E R ™














        Not me ! 

      2. c R a Z y

        c R a Z y

        ahhaah do luajm:?

    5. forget the past.we will miss you soon and take care for your life.Hope you come back ❤️

      1. robila


        I will, thank you for the words <4

      2. c R a Z y

        c R a Z y

        not a problem legends never die

    6. I just completed this quiz. My Score 37/100 My Time 44 seconds  
    7. ¤ Nick: Rei ¤ Mention your friends:all newlife zm,

      Good morning

    9. i still remembering this bot that dont know how to use guns xd.Love you brother

      1. Naser DZ

        Naser DZ

        ahhahah and you when i kill you , what's was it xD

      2. c R a Z y

        c R a Z y

        it was a luck from cs xd

    10. ahahahha look what happend.i told i will quit you from here and i already did.About proofs of you abbused me with my name you can keep them and try this to another server because you are too weak for newlifezm.As i am already alive i will not allow you anymore to distrub my server newliife.Good bye and enjoy your sweet ban

      Maybe i will be the next but i stayed clear as i can. 

      salt bae ban GIF

    11. duci ma gjej ca photoshopin se me duhet mir o bot mos harro

      1. W A L K E R ™
      2. c R a Z y

        c R a Z y

        e kam fshir ma thuaj ca ktu n forum 

    12. problem is already solved Special thanks to @TheDark™ G/L
    13. DID you love pets or have one of them.Introduce them here




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