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Hello ! 👋

I come with this message to you to remind you that you can bet on your favorite matches, so I have prepared for you matches from South America, named Copa America !

Thank you !

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Good evening members and gamblers! 👋

As I told you last time, I kept my promise, promising to add new soccer competitions, meaning CENTRAL AND NORTH AMERICA: Gold Cup and EUROPE: The European Championship U21.


I hope you like it I wish you more winnings! Stay close! ⚽⚽⚽

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  2. ¤ Nickname:PheoniX ¤ Skype/Steam:-- ¤ Age:17 ¤ Your Country:UK ¤ Admin experience:i have experince good at admin and ftp ¤ Can you spectate in night (Yes/No):sure ¤ Why you want to be admin in ThunderZM: for helpe server and admin and player ¤ Other information:No Thanks  @Seb
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